Jhonni Blaze gave her fans a scare when she went missing for a while from social media back in mid-2021.

She was reported missing after a couple of cryptic Instagram posts.

She had been getting hate from people online and that affected her mental health, resulting in her disappearance.

But, is she still missing? And what actually happened behind the scenes?

Jhonni Blaze Put Up Cryptic Posts before Going Missing

During the first week of September, Blaze put up a cryptic Instagram post expressing how she was feeling recently.

“[expletive] don’t make Sense how much pain I can consume. [expletive] be on the edge for me,” she wrote as the post began, then went on to imply that she had had enough of the bad treatment directed towards her.

Jhonni Blaze made a cryptic post right before she went missing.

Jhonni Blaze made a cryptic post right before she went missing. (Photo: Jhonni Blaze/Instagram)

“[and] tonight I’m done y’all won. I won’t leave no memories cus y’all didn’t care to leave genuine ones with me,” the musician added.

The rest of the message seemed to convey her self-harming tendencies at the time, or so people thought. She could have been hinting at her coming absence as well.

“I’m tired. See how it feels when I’m gone. They laughed at my hurt, my pain my feelings and played! people think having mental issues is to be laughed at and to down you let’s see you laugh when I’m dead,” the post concluded.

If we take a look at her Instagram, there are no posts from the beginning of September 2021 to September 12.

A few days after this post, Mega Meezy, a friend of hers, posted on his Instagram stories appealing people to look for her as she had not responded to friends and family for a while.

However, as it turned out at the time, she had not gone missing completely.

Jhonni Blaze’s Return to Social Media

While Blaze was inactive on Instagram, she had been keeping people in the loop on her status on OnlyFans.

Reports then surfaced, saying she had just been taking a break for her mental health and had not actually gone missing.

The artist, too, addressed her disappearance a while later. She made a post explaining why she did what she did.

“I took a mental break. I’m done explaining the reasons why,” she said as she expressed her frustration in a now-deleted post explaining saying everyone and their reactions to her issues did not help her get better.

Further, she wrote on her disappointment at the Black community for not understanding depression and denied going missing for clout.

Ending the post, Blaze wrote, “Look how y’all treated me when I expressed my depression. Who the [expletive] wants to express when y’all give this same energy when you keep it inside then y’all upset when we say nothing. That’s all.”

The day after she returned to Instagram, her interview with The Breakfast Club was released. The interview was recorded on August 24, a couple of days before she went on hiatus.

While talking about her mental health, she quipped, “Now that I got it together, I would never want to end my life for nobody.” She had attempted to end her life multiple times in the past.

This further solidified the speculation that she was talking about taking a break and not taking her own life in her ambiguous post.

She thanked TBC for holding the interview on a separate post writing, “Thank you for holding my interview this was recorded on August 24th. Means a lot to care more bout me and my health than just posting it !”