Jessica Chastain is all set to play Tammy Faye Bakker in the upcoming show The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

For her role, the actress has undergone a massive transformation so that her portrayal of the televangelist would be on point. However, the fantastic transformation has left the actress with some permanent skin damage. 

Check out the transformation in the clip below!

Jessica Chastain's 4-step Transformation into Tammy Faye Bakker

The transformation, although looks seamless, did not come easy. The makeup team had to follow a strict 4 point plan to execute her new look. Thankfully, the team decided to share insights into the whole process with Entertainment weekly. The four-point plan of execution was as follows: 

The Face

Admittedly, Chastain has an almost sculpted angular facial structure, but Bakker had a much fuller and rounder face. So to counteract that, prosthetic makeup designer Justin Raleigh created custom prosthetics to get the two stunning women to look alike. 

He employed cheek appliances that would widen her face and a prosthetic to fill in the dimple in her chin.

The Hair

Stephanie Ingram was the hair department head for the movie, and this wasn't her first time working with Chastain. The two have worked together on 11 films. 

Coming to the case in point, the pair had to comb through hours and hours of Bakker footage to come up with about a dozen hairpieces. The attention to detail was such that the wig Chastain wore under her wigs to mimic Bakker's patchy natural hair had to be perfect. Apparently, the wig had to be colored half a dozen times. 

The Clothes

Costume designer Mitchell Travers admitted, "Tammy was aware of the power of image — it was her armor." So, Travers had to come up with a combination of designer wear and thrift-store finds. 

He also explained that as the plot picked up the pace, the clothes became more and more elaborated. He added, 

I wanted to feel the weight of the clip-ons on her ears, the pressure of the shoulder pads on her body, so that it starts to become slightly suffocating to be Tammy.

The Makeup

The makeup used for the film apparently came from the same cosmetic products that Bakker used in her time. Linds Dowds, the makeup department head, scanned through drugstores and eBay to source all that she needed. 

It was very important for Dowds that Chastain's performance did not get the "caricature" label. 

Makeup Damaged Jessica Chastain's Skin Permanently

All of their efforts actually paid off, and the transformation was on-point. However, in doing so, the actress permanently damaged her skin. She confessed that she averaged four hours in the makeup chair, with the longest session being more than seven hours to achieve the Bakker look. 

“I think for sure I’ve done some permanent damage to my skin on this,” Chastain told LA Times

Apparently, the makeup was so heavy that wearing it every day made her skin stretch out. So much so that when she took it off at the end of the day, she claimed to look 50 years old.