Since Breaking Bad wrapped up, Jesse Plemons has undergone massive weight gain, warranting rude comments like “fat Todd” from people. 

Plemons has been in the industry long enough, with his most notable work being the TV show Friday Night Lights, where he portrayed Mr. Nice Guy, Landry Clarke. Plemons knocked it out of the park as Clarke. 

He was so perfect for the “nice guy” role that he could have gotten typecast into obscurity.

But as a talented and versatile actor, Plemons did a complete 180 when he appeared on the hit show Breaking Bad as Todd Alquist. 

Plemons wowed fans as the evil sociopath and has been a household name ever since.

After Breaking Bad, he starred in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, an epilogue to the hit show. 

Fans noticed that the actor gained a lot of weight in the movie. 

The actor explained to GQ he had to gain a significant amount of weight for his role in Black Mass. The weight then carried over for his next major role: Ed Blumquist in the TV show Fargo. 

Jesse Plemons on His Weight Gain

During the interview, the interviewer asked Plemons which was worse, gaining weight for Black Mass or talking about his weight gain for the movie. 

The actor explained that everyone said he had gained weight, but according to him, he had been fat for a while.

He explained that talking about his weight gain made him empathize with his fellow female actors in the industry. 

He added that he could not imagine what women went through because men were not held under the same microscope.

The actor also found it baffling that it was all ever people wanted to talk about.

It’s bizarre that’s all people wanted to talk about. Why is that some sort of badge or some sort of accomplishment? Like, anyone can do that. You just have to eat shit.

Plemons also shared that people talking about his weight gain obviously did not feel great.

But, unfortunately for him, the press had the same interest in the actor’s weight loss.

The Fargo actor shared that someone once asked him his secret to losing weight when he had lost a little weight at the Fargo premiere.

He told them it wasn’t complicated, and they had to stop eating terrible food.   

Jesse Plemons’ Fans Defend Him

Some of his fans were unhappy about the actor receiving offensive comments for his physical changes and came to his defense by pointing out his impressive acting skills.

Fans took to Reddit to commend the actor for his appearance on El Camino.

One user wrote that he was outstanding in the film and what people were ignoring the body shaming.

They added that it was an “unlawful act,” which would definitely affect his self-esteem and mental health. 

The user also noted that people on the internet should be kinder to him as he might be going through some trauma that the public may not be privy to.