Jazmin Bean has an aesthetic preference that is unorthodox by conservative standards. The singer and social media celebrity is often seen in their "hybrid creature" physiognomy. 

In conversation with Vogue back in 2019, Bean confessed that many frowned upon their makeup in their early years. 

The Inspiration Behind Bean's Looks

Bean revealed that their fantasy-creature aesthetic that they often flaunt via Instagram was inspired by equal parts drag culture, eerie Filipino folklore passed down by their grandma, Jim Henson’s muppets in Fraggle Rock, and Japanese toys.

Their appearance has been a mode of expression of their non-binary style through an individual lens, which they pour out after hours of planning and makeup

They also clearly established that non-binary doesn't have a distinct or pre-determined look associated with it. They added, 

I’m inspired by all creatures. Honestly, I’m so fascinated by how many there are—with humans you only have like, a couple types.

Bean Began Makeup as a Pre-teen

During the course of the interview, they clearly and elegantly stated that there was no "neat" way to describe their style other than they were just a little baddie and themself. They began the interview without makeup on so viewers could have a peek at their no makeup look.

As they began explaining their makeup routine to the outlet, they took the viewers back to how they started their journey to the world of fantastical makeup. They explained that they started doing their own makeup when they were eleven or twelve years of age. 

Back then, Bean's look was inspired by their dolls. As they got older, they were introduced to the world of drag. Admittedly, drag didn't hold their attention for long as they got bored of it really soon. With time, they drew inspiration from various sources and amalgamated them to create their own thing. 

People Have Their Opinions

However, their journey to self-expression did not come easy. Hailing from a religious part of London, Bean had to deal with a lot of misunderstandings from people around them. They were used to getting stared at, but the kinds of stares they got from the people in their area were decidedly more extreme. They added, 

I feel like people see me as something really dangerous and evil. 

Things were so dire that a lot of mothers would put their hands over their kids' eyes just so they could not look at Bean when they were in their makeup, and that was just the singer going out to the market to get something to eat. 

Thankfully, the social media celebrity has a support system consisting of their mother, grandma, and friends. They shared that it was an empowering experience to be in a group of friends who dress as extreme as each other.

Regardless, their style was rooted in personal expression, not the orthodox mass appeal.