Jay Baruchel has been married to his wife, Canadian model Rebecca-Jo Dunham, since 2019. The two supposedly met over a dating app meant for creatives. 

Dunham recalled how she came to meet her talented husband over an appearance on the podcast Tik Talking with Kevin Hughs.

The story began years and years before Baruchel and his wife first came in contact. 

In fact, the story began with Dunham's modeling career. She began modeling as a high schooler but hadn't really blown up until she moved to Europe as an exchange student during her university years. 

Jay Baruchel with his wife Rebecca-Jo Dunham

Jay Baruchel with his Rebecca-Jo Dunham (Source: Instagram)

Dunham, in her early modeling days, had the opportunity to travel quite a lot for her job. She was especially active in Asia. 

While this might sound like a dream life to many, Dunham was tired of the hassle of moving to a new city every quarter. 

Additionally, she had lost the competitive edge in her most prominent market because, as she put it, models in Asia were incredibly young. 

So, when she was in her late 20s, she moved back to Canada and subsequently ended up spending quite a lot of time around Los Angeles. 

Rebecca-Jo Dunham on Dating

As all this was going on, Dunham noted how she never really had the opportunity to stay in one place and socialize with the people there because of the career path she had. 

By extension, she couldn't really build a relationship in the way that most people in their 20s could.

Now that she had left that life behind, almost, and she was living with her best friend in a mansion in Hollywood Hills, she could finally think about dating someone. 

She admitted to initially resorting to apps like Bumble, but was quickly averted by her options.

Going by how she became a wife to Baruchel, it's no surprise that she was looking to get to know more creatives in hopes of meeting a potential suitor. 

Jay Baruchel Met Wife on Raya

At that point, Dunham caught wind of the Raya app — a private, membership-based community for people all over the world to connect and collaborate. 

The pretext of the app being that it brought creatives together. 

Eventually, she came across Baruchel's profile on the app. Admittedly, she was initially put off by his profile. 

She noted how one of the pictures on his profile framed him "ripping a bong."

Still, putting caution to the wind, the model decided to send him a heart back anyways because she thought he was "cute."

Later on, the two of them bonded over their mutual love of music. 

How Jay Baruchel Met His Wife

At this time, Dunham was still in LA while Baruchel was living out of Toronto. They were in contact via the app for over a month before Dunham made it back to Toronto. 

When she got there, she suggested going out on a date. Not surprisingly, Baruchel complied. 

A bunch of things coincided around that same time. There was a heatwave. Dunham's parents weren't home, and their home had a pool. 

Hence, she suggested that they hang out around the pool and take a dip to take the edge off the heat. 

Turns out, her brother had similar ideas. 

So, on their first date, Baruchel and his wife ended up having dinner with her little brother. 

And the rest, as they say, is history! Baruchel and his wife have been married for almost three years as of this writing.