Jasika Nicole was introduced as Dr. Carly Lever in The Good Doctor where she was in a relationship with Freddie Highmore's Shaun Murphy. 

Unlike on screen, the actress has been married to her wife, Claire Savage, since 2013. Savage is an artist, and her artworks include 3D art and technical art for virtual reality.

While most people keep their relationship private and refrain from talking about it, Nicole is the opposite.

The actress does not hesitate to open up about her love life, and she once admitted she got married not because she wanted to but because she had to. 

Jasika Nicole Never Wanted to Marry

As a child, Nicole was never interested in walking down the aisle with anyone. Her parents never got married and separated when she was very young, which incited her aversion to weddings. 

And when she learned she was a lesbian and that the government did not allow same-sex marriages, she was even more elated. 

But as her relationship with Savage, which started in June 2006, progressed, Nicole realized she and her wife had to make everything legal. 

The couple was in a domestic partnership and they realized it had some percussions. They faced restraint in everything from jointly owning properties, raising a family, and getting insurance coverage, among other benefits. 

Nicole had no choice but to go against her beliefs and get married. 

The couple did not have a wedding, though. Instead, they kept it simple by exchanging wedding rings over dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Jasika Nicole and Wife Have Different Hobbies

Like every married couple, Nicole and her wife love spending time together. 

The actress said it was a dream to spend time with Savage 24/7 during the covid lockdown.

“I love having Claire around. She is one of those few people I never get sick of. I think we have gotten pretty good at communicating what we need from each other, which helps. We check in on each other, eat lunch together, sometimes take the dog for a walk or work out together,” the actress told Diva

Jasika Nicole and her wife talking about her latest sewing project

Jasika Nicole and her wife talking about her latest sewing project. (Source: YouTube)

Apart from spending time together, they also enjoy spending time apart engaging in their hobbies.

In a 2017 video on Nicole’s YouTube channel, her wife mentioned she loved to play video games, read, and watch television in her spare time. 

As for Nicole, she loved making clothes for her partner, who identified as nonbinary. Savage loved to dress in a masculine style, and liked apparel from TomboyX.

The actress often shares photos of Savage modeling the clothes she makes for her. 

During the YouTube discussion, Savage also shared what she loved most about the actress. She iterated she liked Nicole’s sense of humor and considered her to be her best friend.