Just shy of their sixth wedding anniversary, One Tree Hill alum Jana Kramer and her husband Mike Caussin finalized their divorce. 

The couple had many ups and downs in their marriage, and in April 2021, the duo announced they were going their separate ways, and by the end of July, their divorce was finalized. The pair had gotten married in 2015. 

Their marriage was riddled with Caussin’s infidelity, who was reportedly going in for therapy for his addiction to sex. The duo had previously separated briefly and then renewed their vows in 2017 to strengthen their marriage because Kramer did not want to take the easy way out by ending the marriage. 


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She discovered that Caussin had been unfaithful to her again, which was the last straw for Kramer, who filed for divorce. The couple has two children, and they were granted a joint custody agreement during their divorce processing. 

During an interview with E! News, Kramer shared that she was open to dating again. However, it was a difficult journey for Kramer despite the positivity, and she opened up about it in an Instagram post. 

Jenna Krammer Relied on Music

On September 16, Kramer uploaded a monochromatic photo on Instagram, revealing her thoughts about her divorce in the caption. In the photo, she appeared distressed as she held her head. The image had words like “broken, not worthy of love, give up and I am not pretty” written all over. 

In the caption, she announced that her new song, ‘Voices,’ was coming out on September 24. She noted that it had been five months since her life had completely changed and that the days that followed the divorce were the hardest in her life. 


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But then the thing that saved her was the upcoming song. She shared that one of her best friends, Sara Brice, had written the lyrics, and they were exactly what she needed to hear to grieve and give her the strength to keep going and fight the voices in her head. 

She recalled listening to the demo her friend gave her on repeat for hours that first month. The song got her so emotional that she would end up on the floor bawling and singing the song until she believed in it. 

The singer ended the post hoping that the song would provide comfort and heal others in the same it did for her. 

Are Jenna Kramer and Jay Cutler Dating?

Other than music, Kramer also relied on Kristin Cavallari’s ex and fellow divorcee Jay Cutler to move on. 


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Although they have not made their relationship official, according to People, a source disclosed that the duo bonded over the divorce. They were spotted on a date at the Nashville eatery, The Twelve Thirty Club, and the following day, they attended a comedy show together in South Carolina. 

The insider also said Cavallari and Kramer were former friends and shared the screen in the 2009 comedy movie Spring Breakdown. But after finding out about the date, Cavallari blocked Kramer from her social media to avoid seeing any posts about her ex. 

It looks like Kramer and Cutler are just enjoying each other’s company and are not exclusive yet.