Jamie Dornan married his wife, singer-songwriter Amelia Warner in 2013. However, despite being high profile couple, they rarely create drama because of their relationship.

Dornan and Warner know how to keep their family life on track.

Keeping things simple and close together is the trick that works the best for them and their three kids.

Jamie Dornan and Wife Keep Amelia Warner Value Normality

Dornan and his wife are experts at keeping their life simple and out of the spotlight. According to Warner, they do this just by being together.

In an interview with The Times in January 2022, Warner revealed how she found it "simple" to keep her family life normal.

A homebody at heart, she had gotten her life down to a "good routine" which fit all her and her husband's work, their children's education, and family time.

"I feel that we're good at keeping things at a level of normality, and as long as we're all together, it's very simple for us," the singer told The Times (via The Belfast Telegraph).

Although she and Dornan had to travel a lot for their jobs, they stayed together by just taking their kids with them.

For example, when Dornan was filming The Tourist in Australia for five months, the family relocated to Australia. They put their kids in a local school for that duration.

Similarly, when the interview was taken, the whole family was in LA. But as they were going to be there for just a little while, they homeschooled the children.

"We're used to the travel," she told the publication. However, she believed they would change the schedule as the kids got older.

Speaking on a similar topic in July 2020, Warner said that the lockdown had been a pleasant change for her family.

She and the little ones loved how Dornan was at home most of the time during the closure. And as the kids were young, the couple also did not feel homeschooling that daunting.

As Gloucestershire Live reported in February 2022, the couple also has a rule to not spend over three weeks apart.

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner's Married Life

Dornan and his wife spend a lot of time in LA. They keep going back to the city because it was where their love story started.

In 2012, the couple met at a party in LA, and things took off from there. The Fifty Shades of Grey actor knew he would marry her the moment he met her.

He immediately got to impressing her and succeeded. They got engaged in 2012, also in LA.

Jamie Dornan with his wife Amelia Warner on their wedding day.

Jamie Dornan with his wife, Amelia Warner, on their wedding day. (Photo: Instagram)

Then came their wedding, on April 27, 2013. By this time, they had moved back to London and had their nuptials in a beautiful country house in Somerset.

The couple's three children — Dulcie, Elva, and Alberta are still very young. Dulcie was six years old, Elva was three, and little Alberta was one as of July 2020.

Right before Alberta was born, Dornan and Warner moved to the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. His wife thought it was the perfect place for children to grow up, where they could be "free and feral."