James Marsden was formerly married to actress Mary Elizabeth Linde, most commonly known as Lisa Linde, for 11 years between 2000 and 2011.

At the time of their marriage, in July 2000, Marsden was 26 years old and his spouse, who is now his ex, was 28.

And from their marriage, the Westworld actor and his former wife had two kids: son, Jack Marsden, born in 2001, and daughter, Mary James Marsden, born in 2005.

But despite having a potentially strong relationship with two kids, why did the two end their marriage in a divorce? What went wrong between Marsden and his wife of 11 years?

‘Irreconcilable Differences’

Yes, the divorce documents filed by Linde cited that the couple was ended their marriage because of "irreconcilable differences." No further explanation or the reason behind their split was revealed.

However, in 2018, after seven years of being away from his wife and kids, Marsden sat down for an interview with Men's Health and talked about his divorce, the trauma that came with it, and the lessons that he had to learn as a result.

The Dead To Me star stated that the divorce was not a result of either him or his ex being a bad person.

James Marsden and his former wife Lisa Linde at an event before their divorce.

James Marsden and his former wife Lisa Linde at an event before their divorce. (Photo: Twitter)

Instead, he felt they tied the knot when they were both "really young," and as they grew older, they evolved into significantly different people who could not maintain a married relationship.

James Marsden Had ‘Sad and Heartbreaking’ Experiences but for Good Reasons

In the same interview, he also stated that his experience of ending a relationship was "sad and heartbreaking."

But he reportedly didn't avoid it like his own parents’ divorce, which he felt was very viral.

He continued to add, "I was separating not only from my wife but also my kids and the bonds of home and family.

Those are things you’re painfully reminded of every day. It’s like, [expletive], what lesson is this? What’s to come from this?"

Marsden also admitted that the divorce from his spouse, which was "by far the hardest thing" in his life," also made him feel he lost his equilibrium.

As per him, he grew up in a privileged household and had never experienced sorrows or deep struggle.

Now that he experienced it after his divorce, he realized that the struggles helped him pull everything into focus.

"It was scary and sad and made me pull everything into focus. I needed to focus on what was important. So that’s who I am now because of that. I know regrets can be catalysts for good things," he added.

James Marsden’s Dating Life after Split from Wife

Shortly after his split from his ex-wife, the actor was linked to model Rose Costa. He even welcomed a son, William Luca, in December 2012 with her.

However, his relationship with her didn't go the distance, too.

Afterward, he began dating English singer-songwriter, Edei, who reportedly is still together with him.

The actor is also 16 years older than his current girlfriend, who was born Emma Deigman in the UK.