While James Franco doesn't have the best track record for being there for his girlfriend, he seems to be trying hard to make it work with his current one. 

As per InStyle (via People), Franco has been dating his current girlfriend, Isabel Pakzad, since early November 2017. Four years later, the couple still seems to be going strong. 

Quality Time with Girlfriend

Back in September 2021, Franco was seen taking a dip in the ocean with his lovely girlfriend by his side. The couple soaked in the Greek sunshine on their getaway. 

The actor was caught on camera, shirtless with gray trunks, while his girlfriend donned a racy pink bikini as the both of them walked into the water. 

While this remains the last time the couple was seen hanging out (as of this writing, at least), this was far from the first time they made headlines for their public outings. 

James Franco & Girlfriend Out Hiking

Prior to that, the couple was spotted taking a hike out in the breathtakingly beautiful Southern California outdoors. As reported by People, the playful couple started off the walk with headphones on.

Further along in the trail, the adorable couple closed in, getting comfy and sharing smiles. Their outfits were also matching to a certain extent, in that they were both clad in darker shades. 

The Disaster Artist star sported a distressed dark grey shirt with black shorts, while Pakzad wore a black sports bra and matching bike shorts as they traversed the stunning terrain. 

James Franco Tries To Treat His Girlfriend Better

During an interview with Variety back in November 2017, Franco recalled an incident with an ex-girlfriend. Apparently, she had come to see him in New York when he was in school. 

His cat had somehow scratched her in the eye, and Franco had so much work piled up around him, he didn't even take her to the hospital. So instead, he had his assistant take her. 

In retrospect, Franco was guilty about the way he treated her. 

"That moment haunted me so much. What kind of selfish, self-centered boyfriend are you?" he told the outlet at the time. He has learned from his mistakes, though. Today, he tries to be a present boyfriend. 

James Franco's Girlfriend Helped Him Through Tough Times

Franco's girlfriend is no less, mind you. Pakzad has been by his side even when he was accused of sexually exploiting five women at his former acting school, as The Los Angeles Times reported. 

While Franco was adamant that the accusations filed against him were all 'salacious' and 'false,' he ended the lawsuit by entering a settlement deal with two of the five students who had sued him. 

As per The Things, Franco and his girlfriend Pakzad were ready to take the next step in their relationship, that is, getting engaged.

Even though the reports from the outlet managed to get everyone's hopes up, nothing of substance has since come forth to confirm these claims.