Jacob Batalon might be unrecognizable to many after his massive weight loss. 

The MCU first introduced viewers to Batalon when he appeared in the Spider-Man franchise.

He starred as Ned Leeds, Peter Parker's best friend, who accidentally discovers the identity of the titular hero.

Batalon's Ned has become an essential supporting character and appeared in all the Spider-Man films, including Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

His recent appearance was in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which premiered on December 13. 


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Fans thought his weight loss had something to do with the recent Spider-man movie release.

But when the trailer was released a month ago, it looked like Batalon was still the same old Ned.

With the movie's release, fans will finally get to know if their hunch was correct. 

Jacob Batalon's Weight Loss

Last October, the actor shared a photo of his weight loss, which had fans in a frenzy. 

Batalon posted a full-body mirror selfie on Instagram to reveal his newly slim figure. 

The actor also wrote that people could tell him to stop losing weight, in the caption. Many celebrities congratulated the actor for his new achievement in the comments.

Tom Holland's brother, Harry, replied, "wow," while Captain America actor Colin Ford added, "killing it, bro!!!"


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Let It Snow actor Matthew Noska replied, "You look damn good G! Keep grinding," and Spider-Man stunt double Imogen Leaver added, "Smashed it! Looking great."

On July 10 this year, Batalon also shared a clip of him during his boxing session

In the caption, he revealed that he had started his weight loss journey on February 7 last year. 

After filming the last Spider-Man movie, the actor finally found the push to do something about his physicality.

During his interview with 1883 Magazine, he stated that there had been a lot of rumors about him losing weight and how it would change the characters he was playing.

But when filming for Spider-Man wrapped up, he found the motivation to change.

 The actor also stated that health should be one's focus more than weight loss.

I honestly just did it for my own health, so the weight loss is sort of secondary to everything else.

Jacob Batalon's Future Plans


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In the same interview, Batalon also talked about his other interests and possible future business plans. 

Batalon, who is interested in investing in the marijuana industry, shared that it might be great for him, considering that cannabis played a big part in his life. 

He explained that it helped him deal with stress and anxiety and "changed his perspective on the world and better understand people and society."

And in starting a cannabis business, he would like to share his mindset with others.  

Besides cannabis, Batalon also wants to open a food truck.

He shared that he had seen little representation from Hawaii, having lived in the mainland for five/six years, in the food business.

And as someone who recently went vegan, he is excited to introduce Filipino vegan food to people.