September 1, 2021, was a dark day for women in Texas. Despite a 1973 Supreme Court ruling establishing a constitutional right to abortion, a Texas legislation prohibiting most abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy went into effect.

Moreover, there are little to no exceptions since the law does not allow abortion for rape and incest. As a result, Texas' anti-abortion law is the strictest in the United States.

Since the law went into effect, many people have harshly criticized it. Even human rights monitors from the United Nations have condemned Texas' new anti-abortion law. 

They have claimed that it breaches international law by denying women autonomy over their bodies and jeopardizing their lives. Similarly, many celebrities have spoken up against the law. 

One such celebrity is the British model Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence Gives Reality Check 

On September 6, 2021, Lawrence took to Instagram to speak up about her fears and anxieties after unexpectedly finding out she was pregnant. Back then, she was barely a year into her relationship with Philip Payne.

The Austin-based model was using contraception at the time, but she didn't find out she was pregnant until she was nearly nine weeks along. This would have made it illegal for her to terminate the pregnancy under Texas' controversial new law. 

While uploading a series of photos of herself and Payne at six, seven, and eight weeks into the pregnancy, Lawrence admitted she did not know she was pregnant.

She confessed they debated whether they were ready to become parents. Not knowing if one is pregnant up to nine weeks is very typical and happens to many people.

I didn’t feel ready and I was using contraceptive. We weren’t married and I thought everything I’d built for myself and my family could fall apart. Philip saw how upset and scared I was and lovingly reassured me.

Nevertheless, they ultimately kept the child, although she had not expected to get pregnant barely a year into her relationship.

Regardless, they knew what they wanted, and today, they are proud parents of a healthy son. Lawrence pointed out that not every woman in her circumstance would make that decision or even have the financial means.

The model was privileged to enjoy financial stability, the security of owning a home, and the support of a loving partner and family. Her baby's birth was the greatest blessing she has ever received, but this isn't everyone's experience.

She criticized the new law, saying that no one, especially males, could dictate to women what to do with their bodies. However, there are several reasons a woman may require or desire an abortion.

Many factors, like abusive relationships, financial status, maternal death, and more, might increase child mortality. Therefore, women require abortion access, and it is up to them to make that decision.

Lawrence also proposed alternative methods for prohibiting abortion. She suggested more contraceptive availability and education, as well as reproductive education, 

Similarly, she stated the harsher reality: abortion will continue to occur despite the ban, but it will not be safe. At last, she asked her followers to donate to organizations like Planned Parenthood, Avow, the Texas Equal Access Fund, the Lilith Fund, and the Fund Texas Choice.

Currently, all these organizations are trying to overturn the "misogynistic and racist" restriction in Texas.