Danger Force, the Nickelodeon comedy, debuted in March 2020, and already it has been lauded for being an ally in the queer community.

The Henry Force live-action spin-off made Nickelodeon’s history by casting their first out, trans teen actor to play a role in the series. Sasha Cohen was cast in the popular show after she became trans. 

Besides casting people from the queer community, the show included a story that featured a rainbow family.

Nickelodeon has also cast Havan Flores for the role of Chapa De Silva, who has left many viewers confused about her gender.

Flores is a female, but because of her short hair and non-feminine facial features, she is often thought to be a trans actor. 


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However, she has never confirmed it herself. As a result, many are curious about aspects of her life like who her parents are and when her birthday is, etc. 

Get To Know Havan Flores

Haven Flores was born in November 2007 in the south-eastern state of Oklahoma to parents whose identities have been kept a secret.

Her father was in the military, so she moved around a lot, and out of all the places she had been to, Japan was her favorite.

Growing up, she loved outdoor activities and has been tumbling and doing cheer since she was six.

She also loves softball, which she learned from her mother and sister, and enjoys the thrill of competition that comes from sports.

Havan Flores as Chapa De Silva on Danger Force

Havan Flores as Chapa De Silva on Danger Force. (Source: Havan Flores/Instagram)

And that’s not all that Flores can do. 

Thanks to her grandparents, she knows how to bake bread, grow a garden, and can fruits and vegetables. The actress loves animals and has a blind cat named Bob Lee. In her spare time, Flores also helps her family on their farm. 

They raise chickens, and she gets in the chicken house every year and pulls all the snakes out.

Havan Flores Acting Career

Professionally, Flores started from a young age after her mom realized she loved to sing and dance.


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Her mother sent her off to acting and singing classes, which eventually earned her a lead role in a community theater. She then branched out to modeling and commercial work.

In 2018, she modeled in Gap Kids with Sarah Jessica Parker for her Fall Fashion Collection debut.

Slowly but surely, her career grew, and in 2020, she finally landed her breakthrough role with Nickelodeon for one of the lead roles in the live-action kids show.

During an interview with J-14 magazine, the Nickelodeon star opened up about her role in Danger Force. She shared that her favorite part about playing a superhero was all the fight scenes. 

The actress explained she had done some stunts because, as an athlete, she wanted to incorporate all her skills.

It looks like all the Krav Maga she had been practicing paid off.