Greg Mathis has been the longest-running African-American male host on television, thanks to his courtroom show, Judge Mathis

The Emmy award-winning show wrapped up its 23rd season and is in production for season 24. 

But now, the judge is embarking on a new adventure with his wife, Linda Mathis, and four children with their new reality TV series, Mathis Family Matters. The series premiered on E! on June 19, 2022, and fans have already gotten a glimpse into Mathis’ life outside the courtroom.

Mathis shared audiences could expect to see a lot of fun moments and laughter while discussing important topics. He hoped viewers would take away something impactful from their show. 

Before the series premiered, the judge and his wife opened up about everything from parenting their children to their new docu-series to Ebony magazine.

Greg Mathis Opens up about Parenting His Children

As a judge who maintained order in court, you would think Mathis has his family in control, but shockingly, it is the opposite. 

He told the magazine that he tried to be a tough judge at home, but his authority fell flat as he helped guide his kids through adulthood. 

“I’m constantly being overruled by my family and have absolutely no authority. As you’ll see on Mathis Family Matters, my family makes nonstop fun of me for my unsolicited advice and treat me like a complete chump,” said the judge about his family. 

But it was not always like that. Mathis noted that when his children were younger, he was more of the disciplinarian who laid out the laws with strict punishments. 

Greg Mathis with his wife and children for their reality series

Greg Mathis with his wife and children for their reality series. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, his wife would often balance his strictness with freedom. She would give their kids a break, and according to the judge, this balancing act worked well as they raised their children together. 

Mathis acknowledged that his strict parenting style took a backseat after his kids became adults. Now he lets them make their own choices. 

And when it comes to their grandkids, there have no rules. He and his wife let them get away with whatever they want. 

Greg Mathis Encouraged His Son to Come Out

Mathis might have changed his parenting style over the years, but the one thing that has not changed is his support for his family. 

On Mathis Family Matters, Mathis and his eldest son, Greg Mathis Jr., discussed the latter’s sexuality. 

During an interview with E! News, he revealed his son had hidden his sexuality from the public, his friends, and others.

The judge was unaware of it and thought his son was open about being gay since he had come out to the family when he was 18. 

What was even more shocking for Mathis was learning why his son hid his sexuality. Greg Jr. was afraid of people criticizing not only him but also his father. 

“There are moments there that are very emotional in the sense that I let him know that he has to fight,” said Mathis of the on-screen conversation he and his son had. Mathis was excited for viewers to watch how the storyline unfolds.