While Major League Baseball (MLB) star Greg Maddux was busy pursuing his passion in the pitch, his wife, Kathy Maddux, had other interests in mind.

As per Zip Code Magazine, one of Kathy's favorite pastimes is giving back to the community, which she does by reaching out to children and families in need. 

Greg Maddux's Wife Joined Cub Wives for Family Rescue

It all started back in 1990. Greg was playing for the Chicago Cubs, and subsequently, Kathy joined an organization called Cub Wives for Family Rescue. As the name suggests, the organization is run by the wives of the Chicago Cubs to help families in need. 

"I started volunteering and fundraising for a battered women's shelter as part of the group," she told the outlet. "Upon returning to Vegas I started volunteering for Safe Nest."

Safe Nest was a local shelter that advocated for and promoted the eradication of domestic violence in the community. Its services included confidential shelter, food, clothing, counseling, education, and other services with the highest dignity and respect for its clients.

There, Kathy started off with training, helping around the office, answering phone calls, and taking the kids out on mini field trips.

Greg Maddux and His Wife Founded The Maddux Foundation

Eventually, she realized that there were many more organizations that needed additional assistance. So, in 1993, Kathy and Greg founded The Maddux Foundation. Years later, she told the outlet,

We wanted to give back to our community of Las Vegas and also the cities where Greg was playing baseball.

Since its inception, Greg has been the Vice President, his wife Kathy the President, and her sister and brother-in-law have been board members. It is also noteworthy that none of the board members have been or will be paid for their involvement. 

The Maddux Foundation funds many charities besides Safe Nest, which has been an important beneficiary to the foundation. Other charities include Candlelighters, Child Haven, and the Boys and Girls Club, to name a few.  

Kathy Maddux's Drive for Helping Others

Undoubtedly, having an MLB player in the family has had its perks, and Kathy was grateful for everything she and her family had. Hence, she wanted to give back. Beyond that, her words were, 

I see the strength of people who go through more in their lives than most can imagine, and I want to help. There are so many ways to help and sometimes we can learn more from giving back than can be put into words.

Kathy and Greg tied the knot in 1988, albeit the two had known each other since high school. Five years into their marriage, in 1993, they welcomed their daughter, Amanda Paige. A couple of years later, in 1997, they had a son, Chase.

On a tangent, Paige put up a tweet back in 2014 depicting the Maddux household. See it for yourself:

As for the younger Maddux, Chase, he has kept his head down when it comes to social media and popular press. So, not much else is known about him.