Grace Slick retired from rock and roll back in 1989. Slick, who has been dubbed the "Queen of Acid Rock" by many, is still alive and involved in artistic fields.

Though she does not make music anymore, she hasn't put aside her creative side. Slick has always been a talented painter and moved her focus to paint full time following her retirement from music.

Where Is Grace Slick Now?

According to her official website, Slick now lives by the ocean in Malibu and paints. She is still as free-spirited as ever today and paints anything from satirical political pieces to abstract art.

Many of her pieces still have a white rabbit as the subject, something that has been part of her musical career since its inception.

Slick turned 82 on October 30, 2021.

Grace Slick , who is still alive, during her rock and roll years.

Grace Slick during her rock and roll years. (Source: Instagram)

She suffers from erythromelalgia, a neurovascular disease that makes her extremities, mostly her feet, burn. Because of this, she can't stand for more than 10 minutes.

Grace Slick on 'White Rabbit'

'White Rabbit' was one of Jefferson Airplane's earliest hits, and it was also the song that led Slick to join Jefferson Airplane. 

To this day, it's still one of her biggest hits. "White rabbit has been bringing in royalties for over 50 years. I still get to pay my bills off that song."

She wrote the song when she was still an unknown artist. Slick had previously revealed that she wrote the song on a red upright piano that cost her about $50.

The piano wasn't in great shape and had eight or ten keys missing. She was later performing 'White Rabbit' with The Great Society when Jefferson Airplane asked her to join the band.

Even today, Slick says white rabbit has a profound effect on her. 

"The rabbit thing has followed me around my whole life," she said during an interview with The Press Democrat.

Even when growing up, Slick shared she had a neighbor who had about 40 white rabbits. Additionally, a ceramic white rabbit was the only thing that was saved from her house during a fire.

Why Did Grace Slick Retire?

After roughly 30 years of actively making music, Slick retired in 89. She has also talked about the reason she left the rock and roll scene.

"I don't like old people on a rock stage. I was about 10 years too old at the time anyway," she shared.

Slick says rock and roll is a young expression, attributing it to qualities like "strong, loud, and ironic." She added they were things one did when they were 25 and not 70 because then they would look silly.

In the aforementioned interview with The Press Democrat, the singer said she felt embarrassed for older people when she saw them on stage.

However, she also noted that some people like Sting and Eric Clapton can get away with it still today.

And that being the case, she was long done with being a rock and roll star and didn't regret anything she did.