In December 2021, Girl Named Tom was announced as the winner of NBC's The Voice.

Kelly Clarkson, the band's coach, screamed with excitement after the musical trio was crowned winners during the finale episode.

The musicians made history by becoming the only band to win the US version of The Voice.

Later, the show's winners were joined by coach Clarkson for an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Inside Girl Named Tom: the winner of 'The Voice'

The trio of siblings, Caleb, Joshua, and Bekah Liechty, collectively known as Girl Named Tom, hails from a small town in Ohio.

The siblings were raised as Mennonites. And before their The Voice victory, they were engaged as church singers in the village of Archbold.

"As the first trio, we made history," remarked Caleb.

While Bekah said, she was speechless after being announced as the winner and shared how the three first thought they weren't going to make it on the show as a group.

Girl Named Tom, Winner of The Voice, Season 21

Girl Named Tom, Winner of 'The Voice' Season 21 (Source: Instagram)

"Maybe this will be a flop. No one will turn their chairs for three voices," claimed Bekah.

Their mentor and coach, Clarkson, quickly stressed how odds were against them as historically no groups had won the reality show prior.

Clarkson then asked Caleb and Joshua if they were nervous before auditioning for the show.

Collectively, the siblings said that they were nervous about auditioning in general as they perceived reality television wasn't something for them to try their luck at.

However, after their eventual selection, a firm desire to win the competition grew among the band members.

Bekah added her thoughts in the mix and said the siblings were "so excited to go home for the holidays," spend time with their family and "celebrate with everybody."

Talking about the support from their fans, Caleb said the outpour of love from them has been amazing, and it's something that they are going to take with them forever.

As the winner of the contest, Girl Named Tom received a trophy along with $100,000 and a recording contract.

The band members are also looking forward to capitalizing on their newfound fame with their own music as soon as possible.

"Next year, we want to release a full-length album of our own music," Caleb told NBC.

The one-third of the trio also revealed how they have been "writing the last couple of years" and can't wait to head into the studio and turn their dream of making music a reality.

How Girl Named Tom Got Their Name?

According to their official website, the band was formed in 2019. Additionally, the band's name is based on a childhood nickname.

Joshua used to call Bekah "Thomas" when she was a baby. Hence, the band's now-popular name stuck after the siblings decided to give a callback to their childhood memories.

Prior to becoming the winner of the singing show, the band played a total of sixty-seven gigs, driving around twenty-seven cities in their old minivan during the first year of their formation.

Some of the popular places the band performed prior to the pandemic were The Green Parrot (Key West, FL), Tellus360 (Lancaster, PA), Ocean Beach Market (San Diego, CA), etc.

Lately, after their win in the 2021's edition of The Voice, the traveling band's popularity has sky-rocketed.