The disappearance of the 22-year-old “van life” blogger Gabby Petito is the latest online whodunit for TikTokers obsessed with true crime. The case has generated an unprecedented frenzy of online sleuthing, which has even turned up leads. 

Petito was reported missing by her mother on September 11 after she last contacted her in late August. Before her disappearance, Petito had conscientiously documented her and her fiancé Brian Laundrie’s cross-country road trip across the US on social media.


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The seemingly happy couple shared their journey with social media users. But since her disappearance, social media users have been fascinated by the case and perused the videos to get a timeline of the case and pick up on clues that could help.

Whether the crazy amount of attention and internet sleuthing has helped the investigation is not clear, but the case is on everyone’s mouth, including TikTok “psychics.”

New Gabby Petito Trend on TikTok

The #GabbyPetito hashtag has over 500 million views on the video-sharing app. Many creators have shared updates, including unconfirmed reports, screenshots of texts from the internet detectives about their thoughts on the case.

On September 22, gossip site Def Noodles uploaded an Instagram carousel consisting of a screenshot of its Tweet and videos of other TikTokers. In the Tweet, the outlet was shading these TikTokers for being a clout chaser. 


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The trend the outlet was referring to is how psychics are calling on Petito’s spirit and getting her to answer questions.

Def Noodles video on the post belonged to a psychic named Kelsi Daviess. In the video, she stated that Petito had a lot of toxicity in her relationship and that something happened on the trip. She added that she kept seeing images of her crying a lot. 

She also noted that she kept getting this weird taste of dirt in her mouth, which she did not know what that meant. Another user, Kelly Ferro, who went by the username “kellythemagicalmedium” also shared her psychic visions. She explained that Laundrie’s energy did not feel like a killer, but he had taken her life. 

She felt that there was a head injury that led him to murder her by choking her. She also iterated that she had visions that Petito had been left in a cave and that it might take a couple of months before she would be found. 

Gabby Petito’s Body Found


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It looks like Ferro’s vision turned out to be wrong, as news outlets reported that her body had been found

FBI stated that the county coroner found human remains in a remote camping area surrounded by woodlands and bushes of northern Wyoming along the border of Grand Teton national park. The autopsy confirmed that the body was Petito’s

However, the county coroner did not disclose a cause of death but confirmed it was a homicide.

Laundrie is now a “person of interest,” and the FBI has requested anyone with information about his role in Petito’s death to contact the agency.