G4TV host Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, better known as Frosk, spoke out against sexism in the gaming industry.

The former League of Legends commentator went on a 4 and a half minute rant about her experience with sexism on an episode of Xplay

Frosk opened up about the sexist things she and other women at G4 had been subjected to during a segment on Xplay dubbed “The Airing of Gaming Grievances.”

Starting out her rant, she revealed she had initially intended to talk about Red Dead Online.

Particularly the #SaveRedDeadOnline that had been gaining traction in the Red Dead community.

G4TV host Frosk during League of Legends World Championships

G4TV host Frosk during League of Legends World Championships (Source: Instagram)

She then switched her tone and shared that she had a much more important topic to address — sexism in gaming.

G4TV Host Frosk on Sexism in Gaming

The commentator joined G4 after stepping away from the League of Legends pro league commentary scene in January 2021.

She shared she was ecstatic when she first became a part of G4, especially because she grew up watching it.

However, when she became a part of it, it became very apparent to her that sexism was rampant in the gaming industry/community.

The G4TV host received hate simply because she wasn’t as attractive as the previous hosts of G4 — Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb.

She took the chance to call out the viewers who left disrespectful comments about women in the chat.

Frosk labeled their actions as “dehumanizing” and “weird.” She then added that women “do not exist to be nice on the eyes for you.”

“You do not need to explicitly objectify women or declare that you hate women to be sexist,” she said while taking a jab at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Caster, Duncan “Thorin” Shields.

She further explained that it was impossible to cover all the content they made individually. Because of it, they had a big team working behind the scenes to make their content possible.

However, despite that being the case, she said she was the one who was often flamed. Even when she was reading the same script written by the same writer.

Frosk pointed out that she was often called out by viewers for not being qualified enough to speak on a gaming topic while her co-hosts don’t receive the same treatment. 


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And that shouldn’t be the case, especially because she and her co-hosts read the script which was written by the same writer.

Frosk noted that the reason she was getting criticized, while her co-casters weren’t, was because she was a woman. 

“You’re letting your unconscious biases ruin my day and gatekeeping the gaming space,” she said of the viewers who found issues with her or her part in G4 because she was a woman.

The G4TV host ended her rant by saying that for 2022, everyone would hopefully be “a bit nicer” and “a bit more self-reflective” about such things.

She also asked viewers to appreciate the work the G4TV team was doing to make the free content.