Flo Rida is loved by music fans for his catchy tunes and collaborations with famous artists. It's usually his music and career that are in the news.

However, his personal life is a whole different thing that many people dislike him for. He has been involved in multiple disturbing issues with his former partners and their babies.

The musician refused to acknowledge his son from his ex girlfriend, Alexis Adams. This put his baby mama and the child in a precarious position.

Flo Rida Refused to Acknowledge His Son

In 2017, reports started surfacing about Flo Rida's relationship with Adams and their son, Zohar Paxton.

In the initial reports that came out, it was revealed that Flo Rida and Adams first hooked up in 2015. They had a casual relationship, nothing serious.

Flo Rida's baby mama Alexis Adams claims the musician has never seen or acknowledged their son, Zohar Paxton.

Flo Rida's baby mama Alexis Adams claims the musician has never seen or acknowledged their son, Zohar Paxton. (Photo: BCKOnline/Alexis Adams/Instagram)

The relationship went on until, in her own words, she "discovered [she] was pregnant" in 2016.

After finding this out, Flo Rida insinuated he wanted her to abort the baby. He told her he was not ready for it.

After this, he even sent her messages, calling Zohar horrible things. And he did not acknowledge Zohar to be his child.

Amidst this, Adams had another problem to deal with. Zohar was born with Hydrocephalus, a neurological condition that causes excess fluid build-up in the brain.

Therefore, for financial help, she started reaching out to Flo Rida. But he did not respond.

This forced Adams to take legal action — she took him to court in early 2017 for ignoring child support. At the time, the only time Flo Rida and Zohar had been in the same room was when he had to take a paternity test.

The test result was one of the bases for her to sue him. The test suggested a 99.99 percent chance Flo Rida was Zohar's father.

In her filings, Adams requested child support, mainly because she was struggling to cover her son's medical bills.

Flo Rida came back with a response to this, saying he was already paying her five thousand dollars a month and that she was being greedy asking for more money.

The musician was yet to see or acknowledge his son as of October 2020. Adams put up a video with Zohar that month and revealed that he was also on the spectrum.

And in a podcast with Shawn Allen, she also mentioned how his legal team used the term "allegedly" when describing Zohar as his son, when he was approached about the subject by Wendy Williams.

Not Flo Rida's First Time

As it would come out after this case, this was not the first time Flo Rida had ignored his child.

Williams revealed that before this, Flo Rida had gone through a similar situation in 2015.

In that case, too, he did not acknowledge that the child was his and reached a court settlement for child support payments later on.

As for Zohar, he is growing up well. By 2019, he understood the world through art and music and was already giving back to the Autism community. He had raised $10 thousand for Autism research that year.