Ernie Hudson married his first wife, Jeannie Moore, when he was only 18. They had met at Benton Harbor High School, and their relationship blossomed within a short period. 

Eventually, they tied the knot in 1963 and moved to Detroit to start a new life. Hudson started working as a machine operator at Chrysler's tank plant while his spouse continued her studies. 

In his early 20s, the famed actor realized his passion for acting and pursued an education on that front. He enrolled at Wayne State University and tried balancing his family and career.

Ernie Hudson's Acting Caused Split with First Wife

Hudson welcomed two kids with his first wife. The duo gave birth to their first child, Ernie Hudson Jr., on September 16, 1965.

Their second son, Rahaman Hudson, joined the family three years later. 

Ernie Hudson with his eldest son Ernie Hudson Jr.

Ernie Hudson with his eldest son at the 'Grace & Frankie' premiere in March 2017. (Photo: Ernie Hudson Jr./Instagram)

With fatherhood, Hudson was juggling his marriage and his budding acting career. And it turns out the opportunities for his profession started affecting his married life.

He would admittedly be away from his family for a significant amount of time. And the rift only increased when he landed the role of Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters. 

Consequently, Hudson separated from Moore in 1975, after 12 years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized a year later.

Ernie Hudson Married His Second Wife in 1985

Hudson met his second spouse, Linda Hudson (nee: Kingsberg), the same year he parted with his first wife.

The duo had crossed paths when the veteran actor was starring in The Great White Hope and Linda was working as a flight attendant. 

Initially, Hudson was reluctant to give love a second chance, mostly because his muse was Caucasian. He worried people would not accept their interracial relationship. 

"I knew there would be problems," Hudson told People in 1992. Regardless of all the challenges, Hudson and Linda took their courtship forward and married in 1985. 

Ernie Hudson with his wife Linda Hudson and children Andrew and Ross.

Ernie Hudson with his wife Linda Hudson and sons Andrew and Ross. (Photo: Linda Hudson/Twitter)

They bought a new house and welcomed two children — sons Andrew and Ross — in the early 1990s. 

Ernie Hudson on Raising Children 

After his divorce, Hudson raised his children as a single father in California. And he admits raising his kids was a life-altering experience. 

"They did as much raising me as I did them," he asserted in an interview with The Herald-Palladium in 2006.

He explained he grew up without a father and never knew what it meant to be one. But his kids helped him know the responsibilities of fatherhood and fulfill them. 

Hudson also opened up about his parenting techniques while talking to Life of Dad in 2015.

As per his accounts, he would communicate with them regularly. He would also tuck his children into bed and watch family shows with them, spending as much time as possible. 

Although vocal about fatherhood, Hudson has kept his family details under wraps. The whereabouts of his partner and their two kids are almost a mystery. 

Having said that, it is public knowledge that his eldest son Ernie Jr. once in into the acting industry. He has projects like Double Down, Oz, and Norm on his resume.