Eric Roberts met his wife on a plane three decades ago, after sitting next to her during a flight from New York to Los Angeles. 

They began talking to each other during the journey after noticing that they were involved in the same profession.

It was love at first sight, and the couple did not waste any time dating each other, ultimately they got married on August 16, 1992.

Who Is Eric Roberts Married To?

Eric is married to Eliza Roberts, born Eliza Rayfiel, an actress and a casting director by profession.

Her notable works include National Lampoon's Animal House [1978], Doctor Who: The Movie [1996], and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman [1993].

Before Eliza, Eric was married to Sandy Dennis. He separated from Dennis in 1985, after spending five years with her.

Likewise, Eliza was married to James Simons, a producer and production manager. She shares two kids with Simons — daughter Morgan Simons and son Keaton Simons.

Eric Robert's wife Eliza Roberts, pictured smiling.

Eric Roberts's wife Eliza Roberts smiling while she holds a flower in her hands. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

While Morgan currently works as a casting director, her brother is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has collaborated with popular names like the late Chris Cornell and Snoop Dogg.

However, Eliza does not share any children with her husband, Eric, but she is the step-mother of popular actress Emma Roberts, born to Eric's first spouse, Kelly Cunningham.

Eric Roberts Involved in Domestic Violence with Wife

In 1981, Eric got into a nasty car accident, leaving him with speaking and walking disabilities. He had his struggles in learning to speak and walk again.

However, the actor was also caught up in a battle with his decades-spanning drug addiction.

Eric was arrested for the possession of cocaine and marijuana in 1987. Further, he was charged with resisting the police officer during his arrest and assaulting him with a punch.

Consequently, the actor spent around thirty-six hours in prison but was released after confessing to committing the crime.

Later in 1995, Eric was back in the prison cell for pushing Eliza into a wall during their domestic dispute.

The actor did not face legal penalties and was released after posting a bail of $50,000.

Shortly after his release from jail, Eric announced that he was getting out of his drug addiction. In addition, Eric and Eliza resolved their matter through mutual consent.

Eric Roberts' Wife Helped Him Overcome Addiction

During his exclusive interview with Closer Weekly in 2019, the actor said he had lived long enough to look back and call his actions as a former addict "stupid."

"I didn't kill myself, so I'm very lucky in that respect," Eric shared.

Later, he touched upon how maintaining an honest relationship with Eliza helped him in his journey toward being clean.

Eric also mentioned a relationship built on honesty and intimacy is "a good one."

In addition, the actor revealed that he missed his wife whenever he was far from her since Eliza was his roommate, pal, confidante, manager, and the girl he kissed.

In January 2018, Eric appeared on Lifestyle Magazine's exclusive talk show with his wife and discussed his journey of overcoming drug addiction.

In his recollection, the actor said he reached a point in his life where he was left with two choices, continue being an addict or give it up to live a peaceful life with Eliza.