"To have those driving forces behind me, it makes all the difference in the world," Draymond Green said of his kids and wife-to-be Hazel Renee's influence on his performance on the court.

Not that Green hasn't led an enviable career run as a defensive in the NBA thus far; he claimed that he still has his eyes set on a couple more accolades. 

One achievement he still has on his checklist is to have his name up on the NBA Hall of Fame, and the driving force behind that is his children. 

Draymond Green's Ambition

While speaking to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kelenna Azubuike, the athlete pressed that he still stood a good chance at attaining his ambition if he kept on playing and his team kept on winning. 

"I think I have a legitimate chance if I continue to build my resume, and obviously that means winning," he shared. 

However, Green confessed that in recent seasons, he had not been at his best.

On top of that, his kids were fast approaching that age where they understood basketball. So, he wanted to be his best self for them as well. 

"They are a ton of motivation," he professed. 

As if that wasn't enough, Green's wife-to-be was also constantly pushing him to be better. 

"Hazel never lets up off me," Green told the outlet. "She’s always, ‘You need to do more. You can do more, what was that, what was this."

Draymond Green with his son

Draymond Green with his son (Source: Instagram)

Draymond Green on Fiancée & Kids' Influence

This was not the first time that Green spoke of the positive influence his family had on his game.

Back in November 2021, he confessed to the same outlet that he had lost his way in the game over the years. 

"I've just kind of found that love again," he professed. "Going through a lot of [expletive], the love kind of wanes a little bit."

In recent times, he'd rediscovered his love and joy for the game and was enjoying the sport whilst focusing on controlling what he could. 

"My son is getting older, my oldest daughter, she's seven now," Green continued. "They kind of get on my ass if we lose, so that's motivation."

Green is a father to four kids: Draymond Jr., Kyla, Olive, and one baby whose name hasn't been revealed, the last of whom he welcomed with his wife-to-be back in December 2020. 

Draymond Green's Engagement

Speaking of Green's wife-to-be, Renee was a Basketball Wives star before she's even become a wife to the NBA star. 

As per reports from Brides, the couple got engaged sometime in mid-January 2019.

Surprisingly, neither Green nor his financée was the first to break the ice on the joyous news. Instead, it was Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr who spilled the beans.

Even so, he did not make a big announcement out of it. He just dropped the news of the engagement casually with a bunch of other things. 

The couple only went public with their engagement a month later. 

TMZ, in an exclusive report, revealed that Green went down on one knee with a 6-carat flawless diamond ring worth $300,000.