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Some shocking revelations and additional allegations have come forth in FTN Bae and Doodie Lo's case since the independent music artist first alleged the 'Only The Family' rapper of sexually assaulting her five-year-old son.

The music artist accused the rapper of molesting her son, Wesley, on Wednesday, October 27, sharing audio of her child crying on social media. In the audio, the son recounted the disturbing story of how Doodie Lo welted three screws and shoved them up to his anus.

But the following day, the rapper, also known as David, claimed that the allegation against him relating to the sexual assault was entirely fabricated.

He took to his Instagram to share an Instagram video, where a woman was allegedly grooming the child to accuse David of the horrific crime. He also claimed in his post that the woman in the video was FTN Bae, and the child was her son.

In the video clip, the music artist told the child not to blame the incident on someone named Alex, who was later revealed to be a 3-year-old child.

"We can't lie on Alex," she is heard saying in the video. "If she didn't do it, we can't say that she did it. That's really really bad, and you can't blame somebody for something like that, OK? You can't. I want you to tell me what happened. Start from where you were, what happened, please. Tell me what happened."


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The little boy seems confused, after which she added, "No, you said David did it. You said David did it in my room."

"I was gone wait to post this but this lady playing with my name assassinating my character accusing me of committing a crime against a child that is FALSE!" Doodie Lo wrote in the caption.

He even made an allegation against her for grooming her child to speak against him, saying,

This video is the FIRST video she made and sent to me, the one y’all heard is the SIXTH recording. She is grooming him to say this. She has been contacting my friends and family harassing them for weeks. Y’all need to use yall brain because If this was REMOTELY true there would be EVIDENCE and I would be in JAIL [sic].

After the rapper accused her of grooming her child, FTN Bae shared another post on Instagram, saying that he didn't post the full video where she and her son were crying.

"This is the end of the video otf_doodielo posted (he posted the beginning) the video is 8 min long btw… idk what kind of actor i and my son are to be crying like this SMH," she added in her caption.

She also accused him of trying to silence her after she came out with the lawsuit against him. She stated he had known about those accusations for weeks, but he only spoke recently and got his lawyer involved to silence her and her son.


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In addition, the emotional mother even went live on Instagram to claim that Doodie Lo's grooming allegation against her was baseless. She said she would never make her growing son tell a lie about her ex-boyfriend.