NCIS star Diona Reasonover is married to her wife of over four years, Patricia Villetto. The two openly lesbian actresses aren’t shy about expressing their love for each other and frequently take to social media to post about each other.

Together, the pair has celebrated many major milestones in their relationship. Villetto also frequently posts about matters related to celebrating marriage equality and similar notions with her wife.

In October 2020, on the occasion of National Coming Out Day, Villetto wrote how her young self could have never imagined how her life would be in the future.

Diona Reasonover with wife Patricia Villetto

Diona Reasonover with wife Patricia Villetto. (Source: Instagram)

“Happy national coming out day!” she wrote. “The scared younger me afraid to come out couldn’t imagine how wonderful my little gay life would be!”

Reasonover and her wife had similarly celebrated when same-sex marriage was legalized all across the US on June 26, 2015.

Diona Reasonover and Wife’s Wedding

Reasonover has been together with Villetto for quite some time. Though the actress hasn’t shared how they met and started going out, she revealed many things about her wedding during an appearance on the Why Won’t You Date Me? podcast.

Reasonover described the wedding as a “shitshow” and the episode of the podcast was titled “A Nightmare Wedding Experience.”

The NCIS star detailed many things that went wrong with their big day, including having two wedding venues return their deposits after accepting it.

Just days before the day of their marriage, a hurricane had also hit New York, which affected Villetto’s dad’s barbeque restaurant business. Reasonover was supposed to meet Villetto’s parents for the first time during their wedding, and the hurricane added more stress to the pair, as they weren’t sure if Villetto’s parents could make it.

Reasonover explained why she had never met her parents-in-law face to face, even after being together with her spouse for around half a decade at the time.

“I don’t like flying. And if I don’t have to, I won’t,” she said. “Her dad runs a barbeque restaurant. So it is him. He runs the smoker. It’s a one man show. And her mom doesn’t really fly by herself anymore.”

She described it as one of those situations where nobody could really leave. Reasonover also added that though they hadn’t met face to face, she had FaceTimed with them at least twice.

Reasonover noted she and Villetto were both under huge stress because of the wedding. It was further exacerbated by her wedding dress, which she bought from ASOS.

The actress explained she paid little attention to it because she wanted to be the “chill bride.” However, when she tried to fit into it a week before the wedding, she realized the size was off.

To fit into her wedding dress, Reasonover shared she drank nothing but juice for the entire week. And even then, it was a rough fit.

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, Reasonover shared she had three wedding crashers in her wedding, all of whom were in many of her photographs.