David Tennant and his wife Georgia have five children, and they are notably private about their lives. 

The couple met when they worked together on an episode of Doctor Who and have been married since 2011. 

They are parents of five children; 19-year-old Ty, ten-year-old Olive, eight-year-old son Wilfred, and youngest daughters Doris, six, and Birdie, two.

David adopted Georgia’s son Ty from a previous relationship after they married.

David Tennant and his children

David Tennant And His Children (Source: Georgia Tennant Instagram)

The couple prefers to keep their children away from the limelight and doesn’t like to show their faces on social media.

They still share their family moments with their Instagram fans; however, they ensure that their kids’ faces are never revealed properly. 

David Tennant’s Children and Their Privacy

David has in the past refused to speak about his personal life in interviews.

In his interview with the Guardian, the actor admitted that the nervousness in sharing their personal life stemmed from the media trying to invade his privacy when he was dating his wife. 

But the couple is a bit more relaxed these days, although they would still avoid sharing pictures of their kids.

We’re not as squeamish as we were, and I think a lot of that comes from insecurity about being uncovered or invaded. The longer you’re together, the less that feels like a threat.

In fact, last July, during the lockdown, BBC’s comedy project Staged was filmed in their Chiswick home, where the husband and wife played fictional versions of themselves.

Georgia admitted that Staged was something the couple would have never agreed to

The extremely private couple’s entire house and their relationship were on TV, but the actress acknowledged that going the extreme route was the way to do it. “Just rip off the Band-Aid,” she said. 

As for filming the drama with five children, David revealed it was not easy, given that all their kids were at home because of the lockdown.

They usually shot the drama when all of them were “either asleep or quiet.”

David and Georgia Tennant on Parenting

Apart from Staged, David was also working on the BBC comedy There She Goes, where he starred as Simon, the father of a severely learning disabled young girl.

The series was praised for how honestly it portrayed the realities of parenting and marriage. 

Speaking about his own parenting experiences, David shared that the harsh realities of parenting were often sugarcoated for TV consumption, but in his experience, being a parent was largely hit and miss and full of triumphs and disasters. 

The show is obviously about parenting and about how hit and miss that is, and how any of us as a parent never feels that we’re ever getting it right. And that it’s actually quite rare to see the honesty of that written.

Besides parenting, the couple has also spoken about lockdown parenting. The parents admitted they found homeschooling difficult. 

According to Daily Express, Georgia found having her children learn at home so overwhelming that at one point, she crawled out the window and sought respite on the roof.