Dan Freeman, known as DannyLovesPasta on TikTok, started popping off on the platform in early 2021 with his pasta skills. His videos are very well-received on the platform, and he has amassed a massive following.

But once in a while, his videos do better than usual, and when that happens, the broader population generates questions about his personal life.

And it's a treat to know that his married life is as lovely as his pasta creations.

Dan Freeman's Married Life with Husband Steven Wengrovitz

Dan and Steve, short for Steven Wengrovitz, have been together for many years. And they now have a small family with their daughter.

Their relationship started back in 2007 when a friend named Nicholas set him up with Steve. They went on a date, and things took off immediately.

In around 2011, they rescued their dog, Bentley.

The lawyer/TikTok sensation then built a life with his husband before they could get married. And they did, on October 12, 2014.

Dan Freeman of DannyLovesPasta with his husband Steven Wengrovitz on their wedding day.

Dan Freeman of DannyLovesPasta with his husband Steven Wengrovitz on their wedding day. (Photo: Dan Freeman/Instagram)

Dan and Steve married in a beautiful hall in front of their friends and family. But they took their time to become parents.

That decision came before July 2020. On July 22, 2020, Dan and his husband announced they had adopted their daughter.

"On Monday morning we became dads! Our daughter was born happy and healthy, and she already loves sleeping, eating, and pooping," Dan wrote in his baby announcement post that day, meaning her birthday was on July 20, 2020.

Dan also expressed his happiness at his daughter being born and said he was "looking forward to many sleepless nights in the next few months!"

Since her birth, she has been a constant feature on his Instagram page. He posts a lot of pictures with his husband and daughter on his personal Instagram account, whereas his professional Instagram account is all about pasta.

His relationship with Steve has had a few influences on his pasta creations. For example, he made Origami pasta, which he claimed to be the most difficult pasta shape he has ever made, after getting influenced by the origami culture in Japan, where they went for their honeymoon.

However, online fame isn't all easy. He has addressed the uncomfortable situations where people are shocked to find out that he has a husband.

In one of his TikToks, he said that getting questions about him being gay was a "tell-tale" sign that his videos were doing well. And in response to those questions, he said, "Yes, in 2021, gay people exist, sometimes we get married, and sometimes we talk about it on TikTok."

He also gets negative comments on how he has a baby despite being gay. To this, he said that there are many ways for gay people to have babies and families together.

Who Is Dan Freeman?

Besides Dan's online fame for making pasta, he has a relatively normal life. Dan's full name is Danny Freeman.

He is a full-time Tenants rights lawyer. He started doing colorful and creative pasta videos to get some downtime for himself.

Dan first started making pasta as an honor to his late grandmother. She died just after Christmas 2020.

After her death, Dan found himself more often in the kitchen, cooking and grieving in the way he knew best.

That eventually turned into a regular thing and later became a reason he is famous online.

In one of his introductory posts on TikTok, he expressed his sentiments, saying, "I like to think that every time I'm adding some weird ingredient to pasta or coming up with a wild idea, she's getting a little kick out of it somewhere and giving me a smile."