Danny Gonzalez is one of the famous YouTubers who transitioned to YouTube after the popular 6-second video-sharing app Vine shut down. 

As a former Viner, he had almost 3 million followers until the app shut down. He then shifted to YouTube and realized the community was just as supportive as Vine’s and thus committed to growing his channel. 

The YouTuber posts jocular and reaction videos for his 4.76 million subscribers and counting. His other social media platforms also have a large fan following, including 946,000 followers on Instagram, 829,000 followers on Twitter, and 1.9 million followers on TikTok.

He also has a second YouTube channel account called '2 Danny 2 Furious,' where he posts similar content as his first channel. 

Despite having a very public career, the YouTuber is relatively private about his personal life, especially his marriage. So, we have rounded up some things to know about Danny and his wife, Laura Gonzalez. 

They Married in Secret

In 2017, Danny got married in secret to Laura. On July 19 that year, a concerned fan had asked on Twitter why he had not been active on his YouTube channel video for a while, to which he replied, saying he was busy getting married and going on vacations.

The couple is very private about their relationship so much that Laura, who is on Instagram, only has 2 pictures of her with Danny.

Danny Features Laura On his Instagram

Shortly after the wedding Tweet, Danny took to Instagram to upload a photo of him and his wife. The heartwarming image showed Danny sitting, dressed in a patterned shirt with shorts, as Laura stood behind him.

She wore a patterned off-shoulder top with pants and flaunted what looked like a wedding ring as she rested her hand on Danny's shoulder. Curious fans took to the comment section to ask Danny if his wife was the woman in the photo.

They Moved to Illinois

A year after their marriage, Danny revealed in a YouTube video that he had moved to Illinois to stay in his parent’s house temporarily until he had a house of his own

The YouTuber jokingly noted that he pulled a trick called “The Reverse YouTuber.” He explained that now that he was famous, he was moving away from Los Angeles, which is the opposite of what other YouTubers did once they got famous. 

A month later, he updated fans on Instagram that he had just bought a $2 million home.

Fans Talk About How They Met

According to a Reddit thread by fans, Laura mentioned the duo had been dating since Danny was 16 and she was 17. 

The fans also shared a screenshot of Laura’s Instagram story, which featured a photo of them as teenagers. 

They Make Videos Together

Although the husband and wife are very private, Laura has appeared in many of Danny’s videos, which show she is supportive of his YouTube career. In addition, the duo has appeared in a couple of reaction videos on Danny’s two separate YouTube Channels. 

Danny and Laura have also appeared in a video doing the famous 'Girlfriend Does My Makeup' challengeLaura was seen helping Danny cover up a pimple for a video. It appears she knows her way around makeup.