Danny Gonzalez is one of the famous YouTubers who transitioned to YouTube after the popular 6-second video-sharing app Vine was shut down by Twitter in 2016. 

The Chicago native used to create short comedy sketches on Vine, which he was introduced to in his sophomore year by a friend. 

He initially started posting videos showcasing his witty remarks in varying situations. These videos were inspired by his favorite comedian Bo Burnham.

Initially, Gonzalez was not interested to join the platform but ended up joining after Burnham's entry into the Vine world.

After 2014, he started using green screens and other special effects in his content, including blending himself into music videos and others' content.

The Streamy award-winning Youtuber's most popular Vine content back then was short clips of shoes edited to look like dinosaurs from Jurassic Park accompanied by a digital voice. 

Gonzalez had almost 3 million followers until the app shut down. He then shifted to YouTube and realized the community was just as supportive as Vine’s and thus committed to growing his channel.

In April 2018, he quit his day job and switched to Youtube full-time.

“When I heard Vine was ending, I was like: ‘Oh, shoot. I don’t know how I’m going to make this social media thing happen anymore. I might just be some  guy with a job in L.A., which is really not where I want to live if I’m not going to do social media,'” he shared with NBC News in 2022

Since venturing out to YouTube, Gonzalez has been posting jocular commentary, reactions,s and prank (occasional) videos related to pop culture for his 6 million plus subscribers and counting on the main channel Danny Gonzalez

Furthermore, his second channel, 2 Danny 2 Furious has 1.95 million plus subscribers and his third channel Danny GAMEzalez has 401k subscribers. 

And there could be more if he listened to these fans on Reddit—many of his fans have been voicing on social media platforms that their favorite Youtube creates another channel for vlogging.  

In addition, his other social media platforms also have a large fan following, including 1 million followers on Instagram @dannygonzalez, 944,000 plus followers on Twitter, 2.3 million plus followers on TikTok, 416,000 followers on Twitch and 

Despite having a very public career, the YouTuber is relatively private about his personal life, especially his marriage. So, we have rounded up some things to know about Danny and his wife, Laura Gonzalez. 

In this article, know about Danny Gonzalez's marital and dating status, his house, age, wedding, net worth, height, and "Dream" face reveal.  

Is Danny Gonzalez married?

Gonzalez has been married to his longtime girlfriend-turned-wife Laura Fuchs.

Other than his relationship with Laura, his past dating history remains unavailable. 

In 2017, Danny, who stands at the height of 1.78 m (5 feet and 11 inches), got married in secret to Fuchs.

On July 19 that year, a concerned fan had asked on Twitter why he had not been active on his YouTube channel video for a while, to which he replied, saying he was busy getting married and going on vacations.

The couple is very private about their relationship so much so that Laura, who is on Instagram, only has 5 pictures of her with Danny.


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Danny Features Laura on his Instagram

Shortly after the wedding Tweet, Danny took to Instagram to upload a photo of him and his wife.

The heartwarming image showed Danny sitting, dressed in a patterned shirt with shorts, as Laura stood behind him.

She wore a patterned off-shoulder top with pants and flaunted what looked like a wedding ring as she rested her hand on Danny's shoulder.

Curious fans took to the comment section to ask Danny if his wife was the woman in the photo and she was.

Where does Danny Gonzalez live?

A year after their marriage, Danny revealed in a YouTube video that he had moved to Illinois to stay in his parent’s house temporarily until he had a house of his own.

The YouTuber jokingly noted that he pulled a trick called “The Reverse YouTuber.” He explained that now that he was famous, he was moving away from Los Angeles, which is the opposite of what other YouTubers did once they got famous. 

A month later, he updated fans on Instagram that he had just bought a $2 million home. He has kept its location private.

Fans Talk About How Danny and His Wife Laura Met

According to a Reddit thread by fans, Laura mentioned the duo had been dating since Danny was 16 and she was 17. 

The fans also shared a screenshot of Laura’s Instagram story, which featured a photo of them as teenagers. 

Danny and his wife Laura make Videos Together

Although the husband and wife are very private, Laura has appeared in many of Danny’s videos, which show she is supportive of his YouTube career. In addition, the duo has appeared in a couple of reaction videos on Danny’s two separate YouTube Channels. 

Danny and Laura have also appeared in a video doing the famous 'Girlfriend Does My Makeup' challengeLaura was seen helping Danny cover up a pimple for a video. It appears she knows her way around makeup. 

How old is Danny Gonzalez?

Born on 12 June 1994 (age 28) in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. As of now, he is 28 years old. 

Gonzalez has a degree in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. During his school days, he was into debate and theatre. He was part of his high school speech team.

What is Danny Gonzalez's Net Worth?

Gonzalez has an estimated net worth of $4 million. 

Was Danny Gonzalez Dream?

On the occasion of April's Foold Day in 2021, Gonzalez pulled a prank on Twitch claiming to be the famous Twitch graming streamer Dream, whose face had remained unrevealed back then. 

In the video, he humorously explained to the fans how he came up with the simplistic logo of the smiley face and how his Twitch journey began during the face reveal.

And only when he started playing a Minecraft game as a revealed "Dream," fans got to know that he was poor in speedrun, unlike the flawless player Dream. 

Later in October 2022, the original Dream finally revealed his face.

The famous Minecraft Youtuber's real name is Clay

You can buy Danny Gonzalez's merch (clothing and lifestyle apparel and accessories) on his website Danny Gonzalez.