Connor Jessup, a Canadian actor, has been in the entertainment industry since he was 11. He started his journey with The Saddle Club and has since been a part of many critically acclaimed shows and movies. 

He is best known for his roles as Taylor Blaine and Coy Henson in American Crime, Ben Mason in Falling Skies, and, most notably, Tyler Locke in Locke & Key

Season one of Locke & Key premiered on February 7, 2020, and its second one was released on October 22, 2021. While Jessup was famous on his own right before Locke & Key, the Netflix series boosted his fanbase. 

As a result, after the premiere of Season one, many things changed in Jessup's life. One such prominent change was his love life, which he had kept locked up for 18 months before making it known to his fans.

Jessup is in a relationship with Miles Heizer, a fellow actor best known for 13 Reasons Why. The two are very much in love, and Heizer is why Jessup dared to come out as gay. 

Connor Jessup Came Out as Gay in 2019

Jessup shared his coming-out story with Attitude Magazine for its April 2020 issue, where he also talked about his relationship with Heizer. They have been dating since mid-2018, and Heizer inspired him to come out. 

Jessup explained that he had been thinking about coming out, but was hesitant to do so. But then, he fell in love with the 13 Reasons Why star, who gave him the courage to come out to his fans and followers. 

Jessup came out via a heartwarming post on Instagram in June 2019, on the occasion of Pride month. He penned a long caption where he confessed he knew he was gay when he was 13 but hid it, thinking it was "not worth the hassle."

He was not entirely comfortable with his orientation, and even though he knew he would be accepted no matter what, he could not come out. Eventually, he came out in his private life but could not do it publicly. 

Most painfully, I’ve talked about the gay characters I’ve played from a neutral, almost anthropological distance, as if they were separate from me. These evasions are bizarre and embarrassing to me now, but at the time they were natural.

While Heizer helped his boyfriend come out, Jessup also did not want to censor himself and his personality. He no longer wanted to hide from his true self, therefore, he came out as gay. 

He also shared a few words of encouragement to his fans and followers, saying that being gay is not a problem and one should be grateful to be gay. He reminded fellow members of the LGBTQ community who are closeted that they were not alone.

He added they make the world "more surprising and bearable." He ended his caption by saying he loves them all and wished everyone "Happy Pride."

Jessup and Heizer went public with their relationship in February 2020, eight months after the Locke & Key star came out as gay.

Jessup confessed to Attitude magazine that he had been in a relationship before, but it was the first time being in love. He also claimed that if Heizer was not his boyfriend, he might not have come out. 

The couple has been together for over three years and is head over heels for each other, as evident by their respective Instagram.