Nothing says "I'm a fan of tattoos" more loudly than getting one on your face, and Mexican singer Christian Nodal has multiple on his face alone.

Now, he has added one more face tattoo to his collection. This time, it is a tribute to where he grew up in Mexico — Sonora — and a native tribe.

Christian Nodal Gets a New Look with New Face Tattoo

News of Nodal getting a new ink on his face made the rounds on the internet on May 30, 2022. On that day, a few pictures and videos of the artist with a new drawing on his face circulated.

The process of getting a new ink on his face began on May 29.

Right before starting his concert that night, he requested indigenous artist Nina Barnett to paint some temporary designs across his face, going across the bridge of his nose.

Regarding the design, Barnett said, "The face paint that he wears means protection for the warriors." The design had come from the traditions of the Comcaac people, an indigenous group from Sonora state, Mexico.


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"The interpretation I gave him when making this design was to wish him well for all the projects in his life," she added and said Nodal was a warm person with great respect for others.

However, his new tattoo wasn't the exact designs Barnett painted on his face. It did carry the sentiments the painting held, though.

The new ink is a set of six red, inverted triangles that go across the bridge of his nose in a line.

Christian Nodal shows off his new look with a new face tattoo.

Christian Nodal shows off his new look with a new face tattoo. (Photo: Instagram)

Nodal is yet to post a picture on his Instagram with the tattoo, but he has posted a couple of selfies on his Instagram stories. In these selfies, his new design is clearly visible, and it seems it perfectly lines up with the tattoos beneath his eyes.

Why Christian Nodal Has Inked His Face

While Nodal has been adding tattoos on his body, he has also been removing and covering up others over the recent months. The removed or covered-up tattoos are largely about his ex-fiancee, Belinda Peregrin.

Nodal has already camouflaged a chest tattoo he had of Belinda's eyes. In April 2022, he revealed he inked wings over the eyes, which covered a large area on his chest.

Further, he also covered up a 'Beli' design near his right ear in February 2022.

All these additions and cover-ups stay in line with the reason he first started getting tattoos, face tattoos, to be specific. While talking to Life & Style, he said getting his face tatted was a way for him to take his passion to the next level.

"I take my passions to another level. Maybe having tattoos on your face seems more extreme," Nodal said while denying that he was hiding behind his tattoos. Instead, he was just being his true self.