In June 2020, multiple women accused comedian Chris D’Elia of sexual misconduct via social media.

According to Chicago Tribune, some women revealed that when they went to see him in person, he displayed inappropriate behavior seeking out sexual relationships.

In addition, it was found that some of the girls, who accused him of grooming them, were underage at the time the comic contacted them.

However, despite all the allegations of sexual misconduct, D’Elia’s longtime girlfriend and now-fiancée, Kristin Taylor, stayed by the comedian’s side and supported him during his lowest point.


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Chris D’Elia and His Girlfriend Are Strong Together

D’Elia and his future wife, Taylor, are often spotted together, especially through Taylor’s social media.

The stop-motion animator usually takes to her Instagram to share pictures of herself along with the comedian and their son, Cal.

For instance, she grammed a snap of the family to mark the occasion of Thanksgiving on November 26, 2021.

The family of three posed closely in the picture while the couple made a grinning face.

Chris D'Elia with his girlfriend Kristin Taylor and their son.

Chris D'Elia with his girlfriend Kristin Taylor and their son. (Photo: Instagram)

“I remember this day when our faces were stuck together for hours,” D’Elia later commented on the post, jokingly appreciating the picture.

Similarly, back in December 2019, she had shared a picture of them while they stood right in front of the auditorium.

At the time, the couple was yet to welcome their little bundle of joy, and touching on that context, Taylor captioned her post, writing, “Little bean is not so little anymore! We love you, Baby D. I can’t WAIT to be your mom.”

And while it is unclear how and when D’Elia and his soon-to-be wife started dating, she first posted a picture of them on her special media on June 28, 2018.

A year later, she also showed off her engagement ring in another Instagram post, hinting they were happily engaged to each other. And soon to be wed as husband and wife.


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That somewhat suggests that the couple has been together since before 2018 — and she, especially, has stood by his side during his lowest phases.

Who Is Chris D’Elia’s Girlfriend Kristin Taylor?

According to her Instagram bio, D'Elia's future wife, Taylor, is a stop-motion animator and the creator behind Hi Big Dog Media. 

The North Carolina native named her business for her dog, Cooper, and is “inspired by all things, but especially hip-hop, holidays, dogs, girls, pop culture, and folktales.”

In addition, Taylor is a graduate in clinical psychology from the prestigious Pepperdine University in Malibu, United States.


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Now, she is also a committed partner to the comedian and mother to the couple’s son.

Her partner first announced that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby on his podcast in December 2019. They allegedly gave birth to their baby in early 2020.

Chris D’Elia Apologized for His Behavior

Coming back to the misconduct allegations against D’Elia, he later accepted and issued an apology for his behavior.

“I know it looks bad,” he said in a 10-minute video posted on YouTube. He added, “and it doesn’t show the full scope of what happened.”

The comedian further explained, “Sex, it controlled my life. It was my focus all the time, and I had a problem. And I do have a problem. It’s not like months down the line everything’s better. I need to do work on that.”

However, it was not the first time he was accused of such activities, as he was accused of sexual misconduct in 2011, 2018, as well as in March 2021.