Chloe Lukasiak has firsthand experience dealing with the dark side of the internet.

The internet bullies ridiculed the Dance Moms star for her looks from a very young age. 

They taunted her, stating she had a "lazy eye," although she was suffering from a different medical condition.


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Lukasiak realized her one eye was smaller during puberty, but she didn't let the internet remarks upset her.

“I don’t really pay attention to the negative comments,” said Lukasiak on a video addressing the things she was dealing with.

“I always just kind of ignored it. My mom wanted to focus on it more than I would, or the other moms, or everyone else would. Then I started seeing those comments, I’d like, ‘that’s kind of mean, but whatever.’”

When Lukasiak went to the doctors and had a series of tests, she was diagnosed with a serious medical condition known as Silent Sinus Syndrome.

The disease can create asymmetry on the orbital floor.

Chloe Lukasiak on Her Eye Surgery

Lukasiak said the pressure of being on the show and dealing with people judging her based on her appearance without understanding what she was going through made her realize how insensitive people were.

Chloe Lukasiak talks about her eye

Chloe Lukasiak talks about her eye (Source: Lukasiak's YouTube channel)

“I’m getting 17 vials of blood taken right now, and you’re judging me for having a lazy, ugly eye! That’s mean!” the tearful teen added.

Lukasiak shared her experience of going through surgery in an interview with Pop Sugar.

She felt as if a “vacuum” was “pulling her eyes back” because of the “negative pressure” she had on her cheek. 

Lukasiak's eye became smaller because of the condition, and she had to have two surgeries to correct it.

Lukasiak might have developed medical problems such as diplopia, enophthalmos, and negative sinus troubles if she hadn't received the treatment.

Chloe Lukasiak on Bullying

Lukasiak later prepared a video describing what was happening with her face and the gravity of the situation.

The video surfaced when Lukasiak was having her first surgery, prompting a slew of responses, including some apologizing for their rude comments.


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Lukasiak suggests everyone ignore the bullies and put an end to internet abuse.

Some fans even shared their own stories of being a victim of bullying for medical conditions.

The Dance Moms star shared that she “felt good” knowing she wasn’t the only one. She also added the immense support she got was unexpected and overwhelming.

Lukasiak was pulled out from Dance Moms by her mother after they discovered that the criticism on the show was "personal" and "not constructive."

She said that it got to a point where continuing the show was no longer a "good thing" for Lukasiak.