During the 2020's virtual NFL draft, viewers of ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network noticed how CeeDee Lamb's girlfriend grabbed his phone for a peek, only for the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver to take it back again.

Later, the incident's clip posted online broke the internet, prompting wild speculations. The saga also heightened the curiosity of Lamb's fans regarding his love interest.

Who Is CeeDee Lamb's Viral Girlfriend?

While the NFL athlete hasn't publicly discussed details regarding his supposed sweetheart, the individual in question is understood to be Crymson Rose.

Reportedly, Lamb and Rose started dating each other after falling in love while studying at the University of Oklahoma.

However, before her relationship with Lamb, she was understood to be dating NBA player Trae Young.

Rose was born in Florida on March 30, 1999, and went to Norman High School before enrolling at the Oklahoma-based University. She grew up in a family of four, with her late father, Michael Rose, mother Lori Love, and brother Damon Rose.

Her father, a former high school football player, passed away in a motorcycle accident in November 2005.

At present, Rose is a fledging YouTuber with less than two-hundred subscribers, but at the same time, she boasts a massive following of 354,000 on her Instagram account.

CeeDee Lamb and Girlfriend Addressed the Issue

In the light of going viral, the football player and his partner took to their respective social media accounts to address the issue.

While many assumed Lamb was against allowing Rose to go through his phone, the player denied such claims in his tweet, asking people to chill instead.

Likewise, Rose tweeted, saying she took the phone momentarily because the player's agent was face timing him while he was busy speaking in another call.


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"I was doing the GF thing gonna answer it for him," she wrote in her Twitter post.

Later, while addressing questions from fans during a Q&A session, she posted additional answers on her Instagram story.

During the session, Rose was asked to share her feeling regarding the clip and the media attention she received in the aftermath of the incident.

In her response, she claimed the situation did not initially help her but remarked it being "purposeful" as it brought her closer to god and helped her find her true self.

Another fan speculated whether her depression was triggered by the "unfair treatment" she got during the draft day drama.

CeeDee's girlfriend Crymson Rose's Instagram story.

A screengrab of CeeDee's girlfriend Crymson Rose's Q&A session from on her Instagram story. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Rose responded by posting a lengthy reply, initially stating how her mental health condition was misconstructed.

Later, she wrote her depression isn't something she suffered after going viral. Instead, there could have been "a million things" which contributed to her mental health.

However, she admittedly said it did affect her to some extent while the online community was busy judging her actions.

Toward the middle of her post, she asked her fans to understand that she wasn't seeking people's pity or needing people to know she was struggling.

She said the event, which took place more than a year ago, humbled her in areas she hadn't explored before, helping her transform her life by overcoming being an insecure version of herself.