"I can't wait," said Candice Bergen of the time when her daughter, Chloe Malle, was pregnant with her first grandchild.

The first-time grandmother was ready for her daughter's pregnancy. And when they finally welcomed the new arrival, they were all in for spoiling the little boy.

How Candice Bergen Prepared for Daughter's Child

Candice was already 74 when her daughter first became pregnant. She never pushed the idea of having children on Chloe.

"I know better than to have suggested it to her," she said of the pregnancy. But when Chloe was finally expecting, she was "over-the-moon excited" about the prospect of having a grandchild.

"I've been very discreet, but I'm just thrilled for her," she said of her feelings regarding the blessing Chloe was about to receive.

The excitement Candice and her family had finally culminated in happiness on May 19, 2020. A COVID baby, Arthur Louis Albert was born after an easy and healthy pregnancy.

Chloe had her son with her husband, Graham Albert.

Soon after his arrival, an insider source gave insight into Candice's happiness.

"Candice is exuberant," the source told Closer magazine at the time. "She's thrilled to embrace this new chapter in her life. It's pure love."

And as soon as he was born, the first-time grandmother got into spoiling the little guy, in good ways, of course.

"She has gone over the top!" the same insider source told the publication. However, her methods of spoiling were familiar.

Because Candice loves books so much, she got her grandson sets of classic books. There were so many of them; she could read those to him until he was five.

And there's fashion, of course. She also ordered enough clothes for the little man to be well-dressed all the time.

Candice Bergen handed her grandson down the same toy car her daughter, Chloe Malle, played with when she was two.

Candice Bergen's grandson with the same toy car her daughter, Chloe Malle, played with when she was two. (Photo: Candice Bergen/Instagram)

One thing he got that wasn't new was his ride. He was handed down the same yellow and red car Chloe played with when she was two.

Candice Bergen's Relationship with Daughter Chloe Malle

Candice didn't have the best relationships with her parents, especially with her father. So, she made sure to maintain a good bond with Chloe.

She has always been an "affectionate, doting and loving" mother to Chloe, and they stayed together as they lost her father and Candice's late partner, Louis Malle.

The love Arthur gets from Candice is just an extension of the love she has for Chloe. And she was sure Chloe would make an exceptional mother.

"All I can wish her is the overwhelming, infinite joy being her mama gave me. She is the love of my life," said Candice of her hopes for Chloe's new chapter in life with Arthur.

Candice and Chloe are a close, well-bonded mother-daughter duo. And even though their love for the little man was bound to bring them even closer, Candice still knew where the line in the sand was.

"She'll be there for her when Chloe asks, but she won't meddle or tell Chloe what to do," the insider told Closer at the time of Arthur's birth. 

But even with the distance, she still made sure Chloe knew she was always there for her.

Chloe and Arthur are both a regular fixture on Candice's Instagram posts. And Arthur, who turned one on May 19, 2021, looks great in each of his pictures.

Maybe Candice still curates her grandson's wardrobe.