On January 3, 2021, Candace Cameron Bure reached out to her fans over on Instagram with "Happy New Year" wishes and a beautiful family photo to go alongside it. Sadly, the netizens were less than kind when they responded with their comments. 

Still, it was evident that this was not the first time Candace had been subjected to internet hate. 

Candace Cameron Bure's Christmas Photo

The post in question featured the entire Bure family, including husband Valeri Bure, daughter Natasha, 22, and sons Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19, posing on their porch. The Hallmark star held on to her husband, their bodies facing the kids, while their faces were beaming with a smile for the lens. 

The guys went for classic denim trousers paired with warm sweaters. The mother was clad in a white dress paired with black boots, while the daughter went with a green dress accessorized perfectly with a brown belt. Like her mother, Natasha also chose to go with boots, but hers were brown, not black.

In the caption, the actress extended her New Year's Day wishes and shared that she was looking forward to what this year had in store. She prayed for unity, grace, humility, compassion, and love for humankind. 

Before announcing that her social media break was over, she sent virtual hugs and kisses to everyone reading her message.

While the newer comments reflect nothing but love and kindness, they were actually a response to all the hate she had received earlier.

"I see nothing wrong with any of the pics," wrote one fan, "You have a beautiful family."

Candace Cameron Bure Clapped Back

However, Candace was not one to keep quiet, or as E! Online put it, "she is particularly adept at telling the haters to STFU—respectfully" And, that was exactly what she did on a January episode of the outlet's Daily Pop

She brought up how people often considered her a celebrity and forgot that behind it all, she, too, was a real person. She added, 

I was simply sharing a family Christmas card. And it's so strange to me that people have the audacity to write horrible and negative comments. Like, you would never say that to someone's face.

She then clapped back at all the haters, saying that she was only sharing the best of what she believed her family was on a Christmas card, and so they should keep their mouths shut. 

A Special Holiday!

Understandably, this year's Christmas card was a tad bit more special for the Full House alum than past holidays because this one came after a year and a half of challenging circumstances.

She admitted to Yahoo! Lifestyle that her relationship with her husband "got really hairy after the first few months" of home isolation. 

All the things that we have avoided for years talking about, they all surfaced and they were in our face. And it was unavoidable to actually have these discussions with one another and work through the real deal crap.

Thankfully, the couple who had been together for 25 years found their way back. She credited her three wonderful children for keeping their marriage from shattering.

She also confessed that once the couple worked through their challenges, they came out "closer and tighter."