Cameron Monaghan, who rose to fame through his part as Ian Gallagher on Shameless, seems like he has been around forever. But in all these years in show business, he has revealed very little about his personal life.

People are usually curious about his dating life, and within that, they are always interested to know if he is gay. The rumor has surrounded the actor since the very beginning of his days in the industry.

The rumors seem to stem from a character he played, but is there any truth to them?

The Origins of Cameron Monaghan’s Gay Rumors

Ian Gallagher and Shameless are the main things that set off the rumors. The show, which was his first BIG job, saw him portraying a gay character at the age of 17.

Gallagher was not a typical gay teenager character prevalent on TV when Shameless premiered in 2011.

"He’s the anti-stereotype. He never does anything that’s stereotypically perceived as “gay,"' Monaghan described his character during an interview with Vanity Fair in 2011. "He’s tough, he’s street smart, and he’s pretty much unlike any gay teenager on television right now."

Monaghan portrayed Gallagher until the show's end in 2021, which means the questions about his sexuality have lasted for over a decade.

Is Cameron Monaghan Gay?

No, he is not. And that has been known since the beginning of the show, only not publicized enough to get rid of the speculations.

During the aforementioned Vanity Fair interview, he admitted to being straight but still enjoying the part.

"I’m not gay myself, but it’s a role I’m very happy to play," he said. "I’m always happy to support the gay community. Ian’s a really fantastic part."

Cameron Monaghan has been rumored to be gay for a long time, but he is not.

Cameron Monaghan (Photo: Cameron Monaghan/Instagram)

He re-emphasized the point of Gallagher being a "non-stereotypical part," which made him enjoying the role much easier. "And I was so interested that I read the whole script, and I was hooked. I became a fan of the show before I was even cast," he added.

Monaghan thought Gallagher's story — living in a neighborhood which did not accept homosexuality and being closeted and insecure about his sexuality — would resonate with a lot of American teens.

Only 17 at the time, Monaghan was then asked about how his mother reacted to him portraying a homosexual character so young. He said his mom was okay with it and that it was just "acting" and "really not that big a deal."

John Wells, the executive producer of the show, said in 2012 that Monaghan had "completely embraced the idea of [the] character." His realistic, authentic portrayal might have been one of the many reasons the show got such good reviews, both from fans and critics alike, and even fan letters from gay teenagers saying thank you.

Does Cameron Monaghan Have a Wife?

As of August 2022, Monaghan does not seem to be married or have a wife. The Paradise Highway actor has had a few girlfriends in the past, though.

His first girlfriend in public was Peyton List. They started dating in 2017 after working together on the indie movie Anthem of a Teenage Prophet. Their relationship lasted two years.

Then, in October 2020, Monaghan went Instagram official with LA-based model Laurel Searle. It's not clear if they are still dating, but posts Searle made mentioning him on her Instagram are still up.