George Alan O'Dowd, popularly known as Boy George, has garnered attention regarding his personal life, with fans perennially wondering — is Boy George gay?

Interestingly, he has always been vocal about his romantic orientation. He came out as gay in his autobiography Take It Like a Man back in 1995.

Flash-forward to two decades later, and the famous singer said there was an issue regarding sexual orientation in the music industry.

He called sexuality "a vicarious area" and stressed how people wrongly believe they understand sexuality when it's actually "a dark" and "scary area" for many people.

Boy George's Understanding of Sexuality

During an interview with Desert Sun in 2014, the former Culture Club singer brought his relationship with Jon Moss into the conversation.

He mentioned how Moss had kids and was actively dating women after their breakup.

"So what he is? What do we call him? A smart person knows there's just sexuality," opined George.

He continued saying, "for people like me, there just isn't any rules anymore like that."

The singer said he had long stopped analyzing his sexuality and maintained a private relationship with "certain people" he found attractive.

George said if his love interests were cool with the idea, they necessarily didn't have to give a name to their relationship.

He further mentioned there was still a significant amount of work to be done to ensure people understood better.

However, The Voice judge spoke optimistically about the situation, saying how things were slowly but steadily changing for the better.

But at the same time, he highlighted how people in some other countries did not have the same freedom compared to people in most countries.

Boy George's Insights into Gay Marriage

In his 2015 interview with Daily Mail, the former Band Aid singer flaunted his diamond rings, saying, "what a wonderful thing to be able to buy your own diamonds."

He said he wasn't looking for a new love affair, saying he wanted to focus on his work.

Gay singer Boy George strikes a pose in an old photo.

British gay singer Boy George poses for a picture with makeup on his face. (Photo: Instagram)

George noted that any relationship at the time would have turned out to be a distraction for him despite his open-mindedness.

The singer-turned-television personality maintained how he was happy on his own, having the luxury to switch off his attention at any given time.

The Brit called queer marriage a "lovely, poignant moment" but called the concept of marriage "conservative" while sharing his thoughts regarding such practices.

George opined how one had to adapt to "a corny heterosexual idea" to achieve freedom in a marriage. 

The singer further said how everyone, married or not, must have sexual equality. However, he supported married queer couples, saying he "totally" supported gay marriages.

Toward the end of the conversation, the pop icon did not shy away from mentioning how his sexuality wasn't why his fans loved him.

Rather, the British pop star credited his androgyny and quirkiness for people's support. "They just didn't care," he remarked on his sexual orientation.