Billie Joe Armstrong married his wife Adrienne Armstrong in 1994. The two have been together ever since.

Armstrong has been vocal about her support for him amidst his struggle with rehab and withdrawal.

Together, the two are also parents to two sons — Joseph Marciano and Jakob Danger — both are also musicians. 

Armstrong has expressed his love for Adrienne on multiple occasions. In fact, he and his wife renewed their vows in 2014, 20 years after their marriage.

However, looking back, Armstrong has described his first marriage and pregnancy as being "impulsive behavior."

Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife Adrienne Armstrong during their vow renewal

Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife Adrienne Armstrong during their vow renewal (Photo: Scheme Events)

Billie Joe Armstrong Met Wife After Two Whirlwind Romances

Before meeting Adrienne, Armstrong had been in two different relationships. He met his first girlfriend, Arica Pelino, on his 16th birthday.

The two grew close over time, and she also helped Green Day take off. She listened to the first four-track recordings by Sean Hughes and Armstrong and encouraged them.

Pelino also toured with them and acted as the band's occasional photographer.


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Pelino and Armstrong split in 1991, and he moved on with a woman named Amanda.

Though he hasn't revealed her identity, the Green Day frontman has spoken about her in various interviews.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Armstrong revealed he wrote the song 'She' for her.

"I had a girlfriend named Amanda, this Cal student. I learned a lot about feminism through her. She gave me an education that I think was very timely for me. I was just a dumb kid, high school dropout."

In a tweet he made in 2011, Armstrong shared that the songs 'Sasafrats Roots' and 'Whatsername' were also about Amanda.

Following his split with Amanda, Armstrong got into a relationship with Adrienne.

Billie Joe Armstrong And Wife

Armstrong recalled how he met his spouse during the first tour Green Day ever went on.

"I met my wife, Adrienne, at a house party in Minneapolis. She asked for an address because we had run out of vinyl. Then we started corresponding and kind of became pen pals, and having these long talks, running up phone bills."

The singer further revealed that it took him and Adrienne four years to get together.

He also added that the band booked a mini-tour to Wisconsin and Minnesota, but it was actually just so that he could see her.

The song '2000 Light Years Away' came to be because of the tour. He said the song basically wrote itself when he returned after seeing Adrienne.

Armstrong took Adrienne as his wife on July 2, 1994. The very next day, the newlyweds learned of their pregnancy. They welcomed their first son, Joseph, on February 28, 1995.

Their family of three grew larger once again on September 12, 1998, when Adrienne gave birth to their son, Jakob.

Like their father, Joseph and Jakob have tried their hands on music. Joseph played drums in the Oakland-based band SWMRS.

Jakob is a guitarist and singer-songwriter who currently plays with the band, Mt. Eddy.