Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is a popular Canadian Twitch streamer. He is the biggest streamer on Twitch, with 10.8 million followers on the platform as of writing.

In 2020 and 2021, he took home the title of the most-watched streamer. 

During xQc’s recent Twitch stream, he rated a bunch of Twitch streamers and made his own streamer tier list.

Interestingly, he put himself at the top. He said he deserved to top the list because he was “the best.”

The Tier List contained over 50 streamers from Twitch and YouTube. They were placed in four different tiers, starting from the bottom ‘D’ tier to the top ‘F-The Face Of Twitch.’


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Joining xQc on the F tier were Summit1g, Asmongold, and loltyler1. The ranking sparked an inevitable debate in his chat.

Asmongold Reacts to xQc’s Ranking

And even though Asmongold topped the list, he did not approve of xQc ranking streamers iterating it was hurtful.

The streamer opined that xQc’s rating was fair, but problems arose when users of the app went over to streamers’ chats and told them about the rating, and criticized them for ranking low. 

He explained things like this gave ammunition for people to have bad intentions or to rationalize their dislike for a person. 

Asmongold addresses the issue with xQc's tier list and why he will not do it

Asmongold addresses the issue with xQc's tier list and why he will not do it. (Source: Asmongold TV/YouTube)

“For eg, if you don’t like Greek and xQc rated him a C or D, that is xQc’s evaluation based on his opinion. But there are many people who don’t like Greek and who take that and go over to his stream and tell him he sucks. And that’s not a good thing,” said Asmongold. 

He noted the problem was not the streamer’s rating but the audiences who used the list to spread negativity and hate. 

The streamer added he would not mind if the rating was objective and based on the view count, watch hours, and subscriber count because it would be easy to rank them. 

But when the ranking got subjective, and people started inserting their assumptions and biasedness, the rankings became less fair and started hate campaigns. 

Asmongold Not Making the People Tier List

In another live stream, the Twitch streamer gave his thoughts on making a tier list of his colleagues by ranking them based on their looks.

He shared he never made the attractive lists that trended on Twitch because of the negative impact it could have. 


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“I can only imagine if you’re a girl with body issues like every other girl that spends any time on the internet and you see a popular streamer like me, xQc, Hasan, Sodapoppin, Ludwig, and Mizkif, and everybody in the chat is like ‘Oh, she’s ugly, rate her a C or a D,’ I can guarantee you’re not gonna be able to take that on the chin,” he explained.

He added the results could be cruel and wounding and finished his thoughts by claiming that tier lists were “a shitty thing to do.”

It looks like the streamers and their fans will not be seeing a tier list by Asmongold any time soon.