Ashley McBryde

is a popular country singer producing top country and co-hosting the 2020 CMT Music Awards with fellow crooner Kane Brown.

The Arkansas native has been around the world of music ever since she debuted with her self-titled album in January 2006. Her 2019 album One Night Standards brought in new fans of her music as well as a nomination at the 55th CMA Awards for 'Single of the Year' and 'Song of the Year.'

McBryde released an extended mixtape titled Jalopies & Expensive Guitars in March 2016 through Road Life Records. The mixtape's success brought her a contract with Warner Music Nashville in 2017.

The singer who was rejected from American musical television shows like The Voice and American Idol was nominated in the 61st Annual Grammy Awards for her major-label debut album, Girl Going Nowhere.

Her new 2020 album, Never Will, was rated highly by the critics as well as the general audience.

Ashley Mcbryde Grew up in a Musical Family

McBryde, born on July 29, 1983, grew up listening to the radio in Mammoth Springs, Arkansas. She grew up in a large music-loving family who listened to “good” music on their family radio.

She was very little when she started playing around with her father's guitar. This prompted her father to buy her a guitar of her own. McBryde was active in a high school band and played guitar at her school events.

McBryde wrote her first song at age 12 and aimed to become a singer and songwriter. She used to travel with her mother to bluegrass music festivals and took inspiration from popular artists to craft her own music. 

According to her conversation with Tennessean, she revealed that she attended Arkansas State University where she was studying the french horn whilst juggling her late-night performances in clubs located near Memphis, Tennessee.

It was tough for her to manage her grades in college as she was practicing and performing her music almost every single day of the week. In one class session, a college professor encouraged McBryde to drop out to pursue music full-time. "So I did, that day," she recollected.

Is Ashley Mcbryde Married?

There are no records that state McBryde's marriage. But with the release of her song 'Andy (I Can't Live Without You),' people have started raising questions to McBryde about her private life and they are eager to know if she has a husband. 

The singer, 38, is known for her honesty with her music. Her song 'Andy (I Can't Live Without You)' shares intimate details about her relationship with a man named, well, Andy, but in most parts, she has kept her relationships — to herself.

While a good deal of may thought her song was about her partner, the song is actually about her roommate and best friend, Andrew Sovine. 

"I think people in town for a long time thought Andrew, and I were together. I mean, I know they did," she told during her interview with NPR. "This is why I don't write love songs, guys, because that song is about my buddy."

McBryde revealed Andy as her best friend and a talented guitar player, and contrary to popular beliefs, they were not involved romantically.

She confirmed that their relationship was platonic, and that she wrote the song in their kitchen when he wasn't coming home that night.