Ashley Argota got married to her long-time boyfriend, Mick Torres!

The pair said "I do" over the weekend on August 29, 2021, in the audience of their closest family and friends, including Argota's BFF and fellow actress Raini Rodriguez, who was the maid of honor for the ceremony.

It wouldn't have been a perfect wedding for the Nickelodeon star if she had not planned a few surprises for the event, and guess what? She had the perfect surprise. 

Ashley Argota Had a Surprise for the Groom

After the couple made their vows earlier in the day, the night of celebration saw Argota take the mic to treat her dear husband and all her guests to a surprise track that she had prepared especially for her big day. 

Argota penned an original song, 'I Always Will,' to commemorate, arguably, the biggest night of her life thus far. 

Expressing herself on Instagram the next day, she shared a few words about the song that she performed. She explained that she had so much to say about the last night, but she wanted to start with one memory in particular. She added, 

At the beginning of last year, Mick played me this beautiful guitar riff and said he’d made it up but never wrote anything to it. So for our wedding, I took it and wrote a song about us and surprised Mick with it last night.

The surprise track is now available on all streaming platforms for her fans and well-wishers to cherish. An attempt to describe the song would be vain. Still, keeping that in mind, the song was a tribute to their timeless love that found its happy ending on the night of their wedding. 


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Later in the same post, she extended a note of gratitude to Rebekah White, Mathenee Treco, and Casey for doing the song with her. She chimed that the song was everything that she'd hoped it would be.

She also thanked Ashley Balderrama for clicking the picture that would go on to be the cover for the single.

The Most Incredible Thing Mick Torres Could Have Imagined

In response, the loving husband put up another post on his Instagram to celebrate his wife's efforts. He was pleasantly surprised by the fact that she had the song produced and released on all streaming platforms without him knowing about it.

He claimed it was the most incredible thing he could have imagined for the night of their wedding, which, he added, was a ceremony straight out of a fairytale. 

In the closing lines of the caption, he affirmed he was honored and happy to call Argota his wife and even went on to quote their special song when he wrote, "I love you and I always will."

It looks like the secret to a healthy relationship is to never move out of the dating phase and keeping things interesting and fresh, even when you've married.

Of course, the song that plucked a chord on everyone's heartstrings was not the only surprise at their wedding. 

Staying true to her Taco Bell superfan title, the actress had a food truck for the franchise on hand to hand out fast food as late-night snacks for the newlyweds and all their guests.