Ariana Grande has long been a subject of speculation regarding her looks. The pop sensation has evolved her sense of style over the years she has been in the spotlight.

But, while there had always been rumors, they had not been that big a deal for the singer until December 2021. That month, serious accusations about 'Asianfishing' shined a bit of negative light on her.

After this, questions about whether Grande had done something to her eyes and other facial features became more common. Speculations increased further on whether the Florida native has gone under the knife after her R.E.M. Beauty trailer dropped in April 2022.

Ariana Grande’s ‘Asianfishing’ Claims

Among all the queries and speculations about Grande's plastic surgeries, the ones about her eyes stand out the most. This became a major topic of contention in December with her 'Asianfishing' claims.

That month, according to Cosmopolitan's reports, Grande posted — and deleted — a series of pictures from a photoshoot she did. In the snaps, she wore her signature winged eyeliner, red lipstick, and slicked-back hair.

The first thing people noticed in the pictures was her eyes. From how they looked, people claimed she had deliberately tweaked her appearance to "look more Asian."

Ariana Grande's Plastic Surgery rumors are now focusing on her changed eyes.

Ariana Grande's Plastic Surgery rumors are now focusing on her changed eyes after the new R.E.M. Beauty trailer. (Photo: Instagram)

Grande's deleted and subsequent photoshoots became fodder for TikTok detectives and keyboard warriors, who started making comments about her seemingly changed appearance, accusing her of 'Asianfishing,' a term derived from Blackfishing.

But not everyone hated on her. Many were supportive of the singer, dismissing the 'Asianfishing' claims, saying it was just a case of experimentation with different makeup and the camera flash making her look more Asian.

Before this, in 2019, Grande was appropriating Asian culture when she got a tattoo to commemorate the release of her '7 Rings' track. She got a tattoo she thought was a Japanese translation of the song title.

However, that was not the case, and a lot of people got mad at her for not being careful about something as sensitive as cultural appropriation. Grande swiftly took help from a Japanese tutor, corrected her mistake, and shared the new tattoo on Instagram stories.

What Happened to Ariana Grande’s Eyes?

When Grande released her R.E.M. Beauty trailer on TikTok on April 19, 2022, the 'Asianfishing' accusations had died down a bit. But the trailer resumed that.

In the trailer, she wore a skintight pink top and had a clean makeup look. However, her eyes again stood out.

Her big eyes, which have always been one of her most prominent facial features, looked Asian, according to many people in the comment section of the trailer video. Many chimed in with comments, saying she looked completely different from her past self and looked almost unrecognizable.

Regarding her changed eyes, many have their own theories. One of the more educated guesses came from Dr. Charles S. Lee, MD, FACS, on TikTok.

On December 13, 2021, he made a video explaining why Grande's eyes, specifically her upper eyelids, "looks Asian."

According to him, Grande, in her aforementioned deleted pictures, was missing a fold on her upper eyelids. She also looked "a little bit sleepy, also known as Ptosis." Ptosis is a procedure to tighten the muscle that lifts one's upper eyelids.

The doctor, after explaining how "normal" eyelids have a natural fold, speculated that when Grande had her previous 'fox eye' surgery, her surgeon "did not put in a line and didn't correct her Ptosis."

That, as he said, made her upper eyelid folds disappear, thus giving her a more Asian look.

Other people, too, have speculated on her other potential surgeries.

Grande has also said to have gotten a rhinoplasty, canthoplasty, a brow lift, and fillers on her cheeks and lips. There also exist rumors about her getting breast implants and jaw adjustments.

The pop star, however, has denied plastic surgery rumors before. In 2014, she said people were comparing pictures from when she was 14 and 21.

Additionally, she joked, saying, "That's why I'm on the cover of [a] magazine and they're saying I got plastic surgery. Goddamn, puberty went nice. It came late, but she finally came through for me."

Even for her new look on the R.E.M. Beauty trailer, the public opinion is divided. Opinions will always be there, but unless Grande someday confirms or denies these, they will only remain opinions.