Annie Lennox married an American doctor despite previously claiming that she drew enough fulfillment from her charity and children and didn't see a point in getting herself a spouse. 

It wasn't like she hadn't married before. On the contrary, she was married twice, and the statement about her not wanting to marry again came after both of them failed.  

So, what changed her mind? Well, it's more of a "who" that changed her views on getting married.

Annie Lennox's Third Wedding!

Lennox got married to Dr. Mitch Besser on Saturday, September 15, 2012, in London in a private ceremony with friends and family present. 

The then 57-year-old bride was reportedly clad in a distinctive, white, floor-length gown with a lace bolero shrug and a 1920s style headpiece.

As for her new spouse, he stuck to a simple gray suit paired with a pastel-colored tie.

As per reports from Dailymail, the reception held at the river Thames was attended by around 150 close friends of the couple. 

The report further outlined that Lennox's daughters Lola and Tali were the bridesmaids.

During the reception, the attendees were treated with a selection of finger food served by a silver service catering team.

Selected canapés included pieces of sashimi and mini roast puddings, followed by Danish pastries and fruit cake for dessert.

Not to mention, the celebrations came with an array of alcoholic beverages prepared by mixologists on-demand at the free bar.

Annie Lennox & one of her children Lola put on a virtual performance for LA Alzheimer’s 40th Anniversary

Annie Lennox & her daughter Lola put on a virtual performance for LA Alzheimer's 40th Anniversary (Source: Instagram)

Annie Lennox Met Her Spouse Through Charity

Lennox is a recipient of an OBE from Queen Elizabeth herself, not for her contributions in music, though. She was honored with the accolade for her charity work. 

Lennox is a committed activist and does what she can to raise money and awareness for HIV charities. 

It would come as no surprise then that she met her spouse through his charity Mothers2Mothers. The charitable institution was founded with the intent to help children and single mothers with AIDS. 

Lennox first met Besser while raising funds for his charity back in 2009. 

Mitch Besser Was Married to Another Woman

When they first met, Dr. Besser was married to a spouse and two teenage sons. 

Supposedly, he and the Scottish songstress hit it off fairly quick because not long after, Debra Jackson, his spouse of 28 years, filed for a divorce. 

The outlet claimed that pictures of the good doctor and the philanthropic songstress walking hand in hand circulating in the popular press were the final straw.

Albeit, they still thought that the marriage was experiencing difficulties beforehand.

Hence, the low-key wedding — an act of sensitivity towards Jackson and her children. 

Prior to her marriage to Dr. Besser, she was married to the Israeli film and record producer Uri Fruchtmann and had two daughters Lola in 1990 and Tali, in 1993. The marriage lasted 12 years and ended in 2000.

As per The Guardian, in the first year of their marriage, the couple also suffered a devastating loss — a stillborn son. 

Her first husband, whom she married in 1984, was a German Hare Krishna devotee named Radha Ramen. However, their union didn't even get to celebrate the 2-year milestone.