Anna Sitar (@annaxsitar) and Josh Brubaker (@bruontheradio), known as Bru, are two of the most adored TikTokers with a massive fanbase.

Sitar usually uploads videos about her day-to-day life, whereas Bru is a radio host based in Los Angeles. 

Sitar was in a relationship before, but she broke up with her boyfriend because of a series of unfortunate events.

After that, she enjoyed her singlehood. But for the past few months, she had been hinting about her new boyfriend on her social media.

It did not take long for the internet sleuths to guess that she was dating Bru. However, despite all the speculations, neither Bru nor Sitar said anything about their relationship. 

The two gave hints once in a while, which sent their fans into a frenzy. Finally, in December 2021, the two confirmed their relationship via TikTok. 

Hints Behind Anna Sitar and Josh Brubaker's Relationship

As said before, the internet detectives had already figured out that the pair were dating before their announcement.

On November 25, Sitar uploaded a video on her TikTok claiming to talk to someone continuously. 

She said, "When u were a single pringle and one day someone started texting u and never stopped."

The video's comment section was all her fans wondering if Bru was her boyfriend.

Similarly, in mid-November, both Sitar and Bru shared videos from a basketball game in Michigan.

Since both of them are from Michigan, they spent time with their family as well. 

Around the same time, Bru posted a TikTok sharing that his girlfriend was meeting his parents.

He wrote, "When three months ago you were simply mutuals on TikTok, and now we're in Michigan together meeting my parents."

These were not the only hints about the connection that had surfaced recently. Barstool Sports' Jordyn Woodruff noticed that Sitar's video in Las Vegas showed her beau wearing red shoes. 

Bru also owned similar sneakers, which fueled the speculations. Moreover, on November 13, 2021, Bru took to TikTok to show off his girlfriend's hair bun and nails. 

People were quick to point out that the hair and hands resembled Sitar. Therefore, when the two revealed they were dating, people were not surprised. 

The couple took to their respective TikTok to announce their relationship. Sitar's video featured adorable pictures of the duo dancing, kissing, and hugging. 

She captioned the video as "you already know :)." Bru also posted a similar TikTok claiming to meet "a fellow Michigander here in L.A."

Regardless of all the guessing and speculations, Sitar and Bru's fanbase were happy and supportive of the couple. 

Know More about Anna Sitar's Boyfriend, Josh Brubaker

Bru is a Los Angeles-based TikToker and radio host. On TikTok, he is known as @bruontheradio and has over 3.5 million followers.

Bru is commonly known as the "CEO of TikTok Radio" on the platform. Bru graduated from the Specs Howard School of Media Arts with a degree in broadcasting.

He was previously involved with New Country 93.1 FM, where he was known for playing 'Random-Word-Game.' 

He also co-hosted the station's Broadway in the Morning show and filled in on weekends at 96.3 WDVD.

He told Click on Detroit that his passion for "people and music" inspired him to pursue a career on radio.

His experience on Detroit radio had "catapulted" him into the "next chapter of his career," and exposure from TikTok fueled it as well.