Anna Silk and her husband, Seth Cooperman, had an instant connection when they first met. However, it took them quite a bit to realize that.

The actress, who has been with him since 2007, initially did not think of a relationship when she saw him. He, though, had different ideas.

But she eventually came around, and she came around in such a way that he could not believe his luck for a good while.

How Anna Silk and Her Husband Started Dating

Both Silk and her husband, unbeknownst to them, moved to LA shortly before they met in 2007. They just so happened to attend the same acting workshop that year.

Silk was in a relationship at the time and did not think much of him — she thought, "He's really funny--and cute!" As she put it, "It was friendship at first sight."

Cooperman, however, was miles ahead of her. "For me, it was lust at first sight!" he said during their interview with 2Life. "I'm sitting in this classroom, brand new to LA, and in walks Anna. I just knew I had to meet her."

He even asked her out, only to be shot down and find out she already had a boyfriend. But he was not one to give up, at least on a friendship if not a potential relationship.

They remained friends for a year and a half and had lunch together all the time. Then, on a fortuitous sushi dinner one day in Hollywood, they just realized what was happening.

Anna Silk with her husband, Seth Cooperman.

Silk with her husband, Seth Cooperman. (Photo: Anna Silk/Instagram)

"In one moment, we both kind of looked at each other and thought, 'Oh my God, what are we doing?!" the Blood & Treasure actress detailed. "We just realized it was right and have never looked back."

Cooperman said if their few moments of realization were to be made into a movie, it would be too much for people to believe.

"We were drinking sake and laughing. Then Anna turned to me, and I saw it in her eyes: There was an attraction," he piled on the details.

It did not take him too long to realize she was flirting with him, and when he did, things just fell into place. "The most beautiful woman I'd ever met was attracted to me," he gushed.

Even when they were friends, he was completely in love with her. So much so that he was okay with letting some things that were really important to him go in her case.

"I've dated non-Jewish girls in the past and I always felt strongly that they would convert if the time came," he confessed. "But Anna was the first woman I dated who I didn't care if she ever converted; I wanted to be with her regardless."

Of course, Silk converted. She started thinking about converting to Judaism as soon as they started dating because she loved his devotion and knew how important his faith was to him.

Anna Silk and Seth Cooperman’s Married Life and Children

Silk and Cooperman became engaged in 2009 and married in December that same year. However, the more important wedding was yet to come.

On April 10, 2011, after completing her conversion to Judaism, Silk and her husband renewed their vows in a Jewish ceremony.

The couple now has two children — sons Samuel Jerome Cooperman, born on May 1, 2013, and Levi Aaron Cooperman, born on March 13, 2016.

Anna Silk's two children, sons Samuel Jerome (right) and Levi Aaron (left).

Silk no has two children, sons Samuel Jerome (right) and Levi Aaron (left), with her husband. (Photo: Anna Silk/Instagram)

Being a mom in show business is usually difficult, and it is no different for Silk.

However, she dealt with both well because she knew when to get hitched.

"The ideal time [to get married] is when you are ready in your personal life," she told Huffpost in 2014. "As for my professional life, being a mom only enriches it."