Plastic surgery has always been considered taboo in Hollywood; as a result, many celebrities try to hide the procedures they have done. But not Angela Bassett, who is not ashamed to talk about her plastic surgery.

One would never be able to guess Bassett’s correct age correctly. At 64 years old, her glowing skin and ageless beauty make her look like she is in her early 50s. 

And this has always caused intrigue amongst her fans, who often want to know about her beauty regimen. In 2019, she finally revealed all her secrets during her interview with NewBeauty.

When asked if there were anything she did beauty-wise that would surprise her fans, she replied she had indulged in a minor and non-invasive plastic surgery. 

“I know lashes are no surprise! Botox is no surprise! I’m a big supporter of being natural, but I’ve done it twice. Just a little, not too much — I still need to express myself. What else? I’ve tried Ultherapy, too,” replied the actress.

Angela Bassett Relies on Skin Care besides Plastic Surgery

The actress also shared the other secrets that helped her achieve her ageless beauty. She was passionate about keeping up with skin care, especially since her job required her to be in front of the camera and on the stage.

“It’s important. When I’m not on stage or on camera, I’m pretty sans makeup—I think it’s good to keep a clear, clean fresh palette. I am a potions and lotions girl, so if you make me promises, I’ll give you a shot,” said the Black Panther star. 

Bassett added she liked the iS Clinical serums, which worked well for her. She also relied on estheticians and her long-time dermatologist Dr. Pearl Grimes in Los Angeles.

But the actress also had another key element she credited for her covetable beauty. She said one’s frame of mind and mental state also contributed to one’s physical appearance. According to her, confidence was key, and everyone could be as beautiful or ugly as they chose.

Angela Bassett’s Wellness Routine

Apart from these tips, she has also touched on her wellness routine, which included her healthy eating habits and physical activities. 

Angela Bassett on the cover of InStyle

Angela Bassett on the cover of InStyle for February 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Bassett is not afraid of sweating it out, and during a chat with Prevention, she shared she had been doing TRX training with Rob Thompson of Get Fit By Rob for some time.

They started with low cardio and ran half a mile, then lifted barbells while stepping onto a bench and doing a few machines. 

“I do a lot of cardio and strength building, and squeeze in meditation when I can. When possible, I love to work out with my friends when I’m not on the road or filming,” the actress told the outlet. 

The actress also maintains a diet that benefits her skin. In 2018, during her Mission Impossible: Fallout press tour, Bassett revealed that she ate vegetables daily but ate carbs and proteins four times a week and healthy fats like salmon and olive oil only twice a week.