Amara La Negra has amassed herself quite the fanbase ever since she hopped onto Love and Hip Hop Miami. Fans loved Amara La Negra embracing her Afro-Latina heritage whilst flaunting a loud and proud afro. 

Fans were swooning over her left, right, and center. They adored her in what they considered her signature curvy look. 

However, the reality star dropped a few pounds over the last year. Turns out, her weight loss was not a welcome change to a distinguishable chunk of her fanbase.

Fans Unfollowed Amara La Negra Post Weight Loss

In the previous year alone, Negra had lost over 35 pounds through routine exercises and new dietary regimens. Needless to say, she looks noticeably slimmer. 

During an interview with Telemundo's Latinx Now!, the stunning Latina shared that she was loving the weight loss but still embraced her stretch marks, cellulite, dimples—everything!

However, it was not the same with her fans. Some of whom apparently unfollowed her on social media post weight loss. And she had a good gauge on why that happened. She shared, 

I had a fan base that followed me because I was very curvy and I represented the Latinas and the Black beautiful women that were curvy and I get that part, but some part of that was a little bit unhealthy for me, personally.

Amara La Negra's Candid Opinion on Weight Loss

Negra went on to reinstate that she had not forgone her curves and could very well get back to her curvaceous self. But this time around, she apparently wanted more control and was taking the gym route. 

"To each its own," she said. 

Still, Negra was candid to the former fans who had unfollowed her for her weight loss. She stressed that it was okay for people to unfollow her for not being "as thick." 

"It’s ok my love because I’ll get a new fan base,” she quipped. 

Amara La Negra Expressed her Inability to Make Everyone Happy

Negra, who has always been confident about her looks, called out people who had always been critical about her weight. 

She shared how when she was still curvy, people would come up to her and tell her that she was "too fat" and that she needed to cut down on those pounds. 

Now that she had undergone such a massive weight loss transformation, people would reach out saying that she was too skinny and that she needed to gain weight. 

Having gone through both of these dichotomous fan opinions, Negra realized that she could never make everyone happy.

Instead, she argued that the most important thing for one to do was to make themselves happy.

Embracing her new look, the reality star has been regularly flaunting her new physique on her Instagram.

Evidently, she has also put her "unhealthy" past behind her as the oldest post that one can find on her socials are from March 2021. 

In another Instagram post (via Reality Titbit), she shared that, initially, her weight loss was unintentional. Then, she apparently liked the results and started paying more serious attention to her gym and diet.