In November 2019, Last Man Standing star Amanda Fuller revealed on Instagram that she and her husband Matthew Bryan Feld had given birth to their first baby, Hayes Blue.

She shared a photo of her wearing a breast pump and called her son her “hero.”

Fuller announced her pregnancy to People back in July. She shared that the pregnancy was completely unexpected as she’d been told by doctors that conceiving was “nearly impossible” for her due to “chronic illness and endometriosis.”

Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue similar to that which lines the inside of your uterine wall grows outside of your uterus and causes cramping, chronic pain, and making it difficult for women to get pregnant. 

“My husband and I are expecting a little miracle, baby! We are shocked, terrified, and elated — and just pray we can be our best selves in bringing our little angel into this world,” she said. 

Amanda Fuller and Her Baby’s Diagnosis

But a year after her son was born, Fuller revealed that her baby was suffering from a rare medical condition.

On November 19, 2020, Fuller shared an Instagram post where she detailed the birth of her baby and his diagnosis. 

The actress wrote that her son was diagnosed with Hemophilia B last year.

Hemophilia B is a hereditary bleeding disorder caused by a lack of blood clotting factor IX. Without enough factor IX, the blood cannot clot properly to control bleeding.

The actress revealed that delivering her son was difficult as she was in 83 hours of labor. But after six hours of pushing, her son was born.

She and her husband noticed that their son had a “larger than most” hematoma on his head and “deep bruising” around his neck. 

They thought little of it and felt it was reasonable given the laborious birth.

But when their son bled profusely after a heel prick, they knew something was wrong. 

Continuing her story in the comments section, Fuller explained that after getting blood work done, the results stated that their baby had Hemophilia B. 

The actress shared that she and her husband were unprepared for caring for a baby with Hemophilia B but were learning to do so.

She concluded the post by noting that she hoped their story comforted other families going through something similar.

Amanda Fuller and Depression

The actress also revealed another personal detail about her life in a similar fashion.

Recently, Fuller revealed that she was suffering from depression.

She shared that she had battled the disease for most of her life, which was triggered by various traumas, among many other things.

And one of the things that helped her deal with it was being a mother. 

She also thanked her family and her husband, who has been there for her no matter what, but iterated that it was never enough as the illness made her feel that way.

“I just wanted to share this tiny bit of this part of myself and say you are not alone.” she wrote. 

Fuller concluded the post by saying people needed to take care of one another.