In 2017, Aidy Bryant appeared in Late Night with Seth Meyers as a guest. 

During her chat, host Seth Meyers congratulated the actress for getting engaged to comedian Connor O'Malley.

The popular talk show host, Meyers, referred to O'Malley as "one of our former writers," and on a personal note, one of his "favorite people."

Meyers then asked Bryant about how she was proposed by O'Malley.

Before answering Meyers, the actress recalled being together with the comic for "almost nine years."

She then joked about how "all the shimmer and shine" from their love life has faded, and they are living "every damn day" the best they can.

Bryant then jumped to her story in a humor-filled tone and explained how they came together in fine detail.

How Did Aidy Bryant's Husband Connor O'Malley Propose Her?

At the beginning of her recollection, Bryant said her husband O'Malley used to work as a "full-blown garbage man," while she swept "hair at a barber's shop."


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She then told Meyers and the audience how she found her dog wearing a bowtie after returning from a Saturday Night Live pitch one night.

I had like my purse, mails and all these boxes. And I walked in the door and our dog has a bowtie on. My dog doesn't wear a bowtie. Where is he going tonight?

After she entered her house, O'Malley "frantically came," around the corner and proposed her directly with just a ring in his hand.

On the other hand, Meyers was bursting with laughter, seemingly suggesting how he was enjoying every bit of her storytelling.

According to Bryant, O'Malley was in "full terror," standing at a distance from a "dog in a bowtie," holding a "loose ring" in his fingers.

"No box, no I love you," She revealed to the host.


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She recalled responding with a loud "what," as she honestly couldn't understand "what was happening."

Her proposal story became more interesting after Bryant told Meyers, responding to O'Malley, saying, "Is this a joke?"

However, the actress who took a moment to comprehend told the comic that she would marry him.

"It was really nice," she remarked in a sweet tone.

Aidy Bryant's Wedding with Husband Connor O'Malley

The SNL star exchanged her vows with O'Malley in 2018 during a ceremony at New York-based Wythe Hotel.

As per People, their wedding was attended by Bryant's SNL co-stars Mike O'Brien, Kate McKinnon, and Michale Che.

After getting married, Bryant took to Instagram and shared her wedding picture.


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The actress was seen wearing a traditional white gown in the photo while her husband donned a blue suit as they walked down the aisle surrounded by their family and friends.

Before her wedding, Bryant was in a separate conversation with People, where she shared her experience of getting engaged to O'Malley.

At first, Bryant shared her hesitancy regarding the word "fiance," and later said how she planned to skip the in-between, 

We’re gonna go straight from ‘boyfriend-and-girlfriend’ to ‘husband-and-wife’ and skip this little fancy in-between period.

The thirty-four-year-old made her engagement with O'Malley public after keeping it a secret for a healthy amount of time.

According to Nicki Swift, the couple dated each other for around ten years before deciding to tie the knot with each other.