Sensational country singer Tim McGraw announced the release of two digital deluxe editions of his #1 album Here On Earth–Here On Earth Ultimate Edition and Here On Earth Ultimate Video Edition via Instagram on April 9, 2021.

Both albums launched on April 16, 2021, via Big Machine Records. McGraw also revealed a brand-new song God Moves The Pen which was available everywhere since April 9. The album has twenty-four songs in total.

The Ultimate Edition comprises six new songs, including God Moves The Pen, Undivided, and two bonus movie tracks, Keep Your Eyes on Me, and Gravity. Undivided is McGraw’s latest collaboration with Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line. 


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While 'Keep Your Eyes On Me' is from the 2017 feature film The Shack with his wife Faith Hill. 'Gravity' is from the 2018 Academy Award-winning documentary Free Solo. 

All the tracks from the Ultimate Edition will be included in the Ultimate Video Edition, along with videos for six more songs: 'Here on Earth,' 'I Called Mama,' 'Gravy,' 'Undivided,' 'Thought Of You,' and 'Neon Church.' 

'Here On Earth' Original released in 2020

McGraw’s original Here On Earth (his 16th album) was released in August 2020. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard Country album chart when it was launched, marking his fourth decade with a #1 album on the chart. 

The album was his 19th worldwide #1 and his 17th in the United States, tying him with George Strait for the second most #1 album in the country. The original album was laid back and easygoing, with breezy ballads, country tidbits, and sweetened R&B. Here on Earth focused a lot on family love and long-term relations, the kinds of bonds that get stronger as you get older. 


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The album was his debut for Big Machine Records. The record cover is also very captivating. As ‘McGraw’ (no first name on the cover) gazes out over the galaxy like a divine presence. The charisma was tangible, and it’s a true declaration of purpose that the music tries to live up to.

The Ultimate Edition and Ultimate Video Edition of Here On Earth add to the artistic tapestry of life portrayed in the original album, enabling listeners to communicate even more through music’s universal language.